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A County Slate

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It is more than a year before the repubhcau couvention to nomínate connty officers and rather earJy tor slate ïnalsing. Bnt it is inid-suinmer aud dn]] times aud au Eveuiug News correspoudeut writes: A nu Arbor, Mioh., Juiy 18. - The republicans will ' have to nomiuate a complete uew slate next year, and already the Piugree-Alger-Judson faction has outliued the work. Jndge Newkirk, his frieuds say, is eutifcled to a renomiaation for the office of jndge of proabte, and theie will be uo contest over this plnm. ■ The slate is as follows: County clerk, Bert Schainacher, of Aun Arbor; sheriff, Janjes Bnrke, of Northfield; register of deeds, S. Bibbins, of Augusta; prosecuting attorney, A. J. Waters, of Mauciiester; treasurer - well some good Germán from the extreme western part of the county. Ypsilauti is to get two good deputysbips besides the usual uominees for corouer, circuit court commissioner and surveyor.