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The Saline Electric

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The Ypsilanti & Saline electric railroad prornoters are now at liberty to comuieuce their overhead crossiug of the Ann Arbor railroad. They biought to a conclusión yesterday the negotiarions wbich have been carried on for the past few weeks with the owners of the property tbrough wbich they wish to pass. A detour will be made frotn the highway iu order to take advantage of the High banks whioh surround the Ann Arbor railroad for certaiu stretches of its leugth, and thos inake au overhead crossing an uudertaking of moderate expense. Tecumseh is waking np to the faot that she may bfi eft ont in the cold wheu the liue is extended to Adrián. The Tecüinseh Isptts says: "A halt seems to have been called in the extensión of the electric road from Ypsilauti to Adrián. The work of coustructiou is well along betweeu Ypsilanti and Saline, but of course Saline is not intended to be the terminus this way. If the uew backers of the project ruean to do anythiug with it they uudoubtedly intend to make an extensión to Adrián, vrhere the roád vronld make snch conncctions as would promise profitable patronage. Assuming that the extensión froni Saline is to be made sooner or later, it remains to be seon whether Tecumseh will be un or olï the liue of this road. The natural snrvey is throngh Tecumseh and it would be a great mistike for the company to decide upon any ether route. Tlie original proiectoi'3 stood the importance of ïnakiug a coiinection here and their snecessors will no doubt be quite desirous of running ;he route tbrough ïecnrnseh, it they make auy further extensión at all. "Coiuplaiut has been made that Tecnrnseh has shuwu little interest in ;he project; not euongb to pass a 'ranchise ordinauce. When the compauy is ready to guaran ee the coustrnction and operation of the road within a reasonable.liuiit of time, and ugree to terras and conüitions nsually granted for the proper protectiou of all concerued, we thiuk there will be no difflculty in securing an acoeptable right of way throngb this village. "