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All Will Re-enlist

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A meeting to reorganiza the Ann Arbor Light Iníantry was held last eveniug with enooaraging resale. The list of old rnembers of the compauy who had sseu service in the Cuban war was called. Of the members whose term of eulistment m the state service has not yet expired all of whom can get their release, oiily one siguified his iutentiou to seek a release. Of those whose term of enlistment had expired only two of them signified their intsntion not to re-ëulist. Twenty-four of the veterans decided to enlist and 16 applications were received, inakiog a total of 40, and lackicg but eight of the miuiinurn nnmber required to keep the compauy in the National Guards. Those who wish to re-eniist or to join the compauy sbould leave their nkmes with Lient. Belser, who is charunan of the recruitiug committee. Many of the eulistmeuts of the state troops expired while the men were in the national service. General Order No. 2, just isused says: "To the end that the military service of the state may have the benefit of the experience of its men who served during the Spanish-Amtirican war - member3 of the Michigan Katíoual Guards or Michigan State Naval Brigade, who served with their organizations in the war witli Spain and have been discharged trom the state service by reason of expiration of term of enlistmeut, may be re-enlisted as if the ex iration of the term of service. " It is to be hoped that all of the veteraus of the Spauish var iu the city will riotify Lieut. Belser that they vill re-enlist. The corupany has been provided with a good armory by the citizeas of ánn Arbor and it is hoped that the compauy will be made np largely oi veterans that it rnay be cue of the crack compauies of the state. That kind of a compauy is well worth beloEgiug to.