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As has been several times stated in ;he Daily Argos thtj franchises have been secnred for an electirc road from Aun Arbor to Jackson by T. D. Kearuey and Arthur Brown, with theexception of Lima. Nothiug new has developed coucerning tbis line excepting that Supervisor Beaeh, of Lima, now intiniates that he is willing to graut the road the franchise it wants if tbe people along the road want it. Last winter tbe town board of Lima offered to grant the coinpany a franchise on the territorial road through Lima tied np with such conditions as would allow a mau to tether an oíd horse on the track and conipel the road to pay for ifc if it were killed. Tbis franchise tbey refused to accept. Tbey did uot desire to sidetrack Dexter and wished a franchise over tbe nortb road írom Dexter to Chelsea. It was nnderstood at the time tbat Supervisor Beach and the town board wex-e not williiig that the road should be bnilt on any but the territorial road. Now, , bowever, be is qnoteci as sayiug that if the people along the uorth road want tbe franchise given on that road he will vote to graut it. There shonld be no questiou itbout tbe faimers on that road wanting it, as the invariable res-lt of electric lines has been to raise the price of ud;hcent farrn lanas. íf this francnise is granted at once a big stnmbling,block will be lifted from the path of the promoters of the new line. As was predicted sorne mouths ago, exclusively injthe Argus an electric line will be run from Detroit to Chicago, within five years. The prospects for this are growiug brigher. But before Detroit and Chicago are connected, Detroit and Grand Kapids will be. There has oeen some talk about the Anu Arbor and Jackson line running on through to Saline, if the YpsilantiSaline line runs to Adrián, bnt there suenas to be no real foundation for this ciesirable staternent. The Daily Argus vvould be glad if tbis were po6sible bnt the Ann Arbor and Jacksou road is not apt to branch out until some time after it gets its niain line in good workiug order. The story that Ann Arbor is to be rnade a spur of the present road to Detroit the niain line passing f rom Ypsilanti to Adrián, will nndoubtedly ouly come true if another hun is built from here to Detroit thrcugb Superior, four ruiles shorter than the present line.