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After The Ministers

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Complamt is being made in the couuty clerks office that in niany cases the ministers who solemniza marri ages, are very reruiss in making returns. The last qnarterly report had to be held 10 days bef ore it couid be forwarded to the state department. It was necessary in some cases to write the bride grooms to fiud out the ministers name and then write to the ministers. The clerk calis attention to the following notice on the blanks to clergymen and justices of the peace officiating at marriages in Michigan: "The law requires that the clergyman or magistrate rofficiatiug at a marriage shall make his retnrn to the county clerk who issned the license within ten (10) days after the ceremouy. For neglect to make socli returu, the clergyman or magisti-ate 'shall be adjndged gnilty of a rnisdemeanor, and shall bepunished by a fine of not exceeding $100, or 90 days imprisonment, or both. ' " N. B. - County clerks aie iustrncted to strictly enforce the law, and to report all violalious of it to the state department.