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Mr. Helber Admits It

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Au Argcs reporter yesterday bad au interview with Heinrich Christian Scbiuidt's Washteuaw couuty coinruitteeman, Engene J. Helber, the was-tohave-been United States counsel to, ah! to, an, (what was the name of that isiand) relative to the report that he told Harlow D. Wells that he must coügh-up 400 for campaigu expenses, ií he expeots to be the coming post master of Ysilanti. The uew Ceaser denied that he ever made any snch break. He said it was mannfactured by the Argns and contained no truths. He declared that he fixed no deönite snm, tbat he was too foxy to be canght, that way, that he sirnply told a caiirtidate hp would have to do the liberal thiug in the interest of the republican campaign tnud. When asked by the reporter vfhat he considered a liberal cawpaign contri bution wouldjbe for the wonld-be iDcumbent of the Ypsilanti post office, he declined to state, saying what would be a liberal disgorgement for one caudidate might not be for anothpr. He lef t the noticu with the reporter, however, or at least ït was the reporters' conclusión íroin his reruark, that $400 wa3 not a high enocgh figure for the particular candidato he expects to land ia the office. At' any rate he claimed to oe certain that he nad never told auy candidate that the coutributiou must "be jnst 400. Bnt the appoiutment will come high and the af pointtee wont get throngh with a single contribntiön either.