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A bont the only persons iu Washteuaw county whom Jndson bus nut landed iu office, so far as w can kam ure Uucle Geo. WheeliT, J. S. Goinntn, Ez. Norria, Rico Beal, Editor M(rin and President Angelí. If there ure auy others, we are wilhng to sfand cenvered and pay a fine, ï'f it is not over half a inillion. -Adrián Press. A Ncrthville man raised 07 busbels of strawberries on half au acre of ground. He was bragging over the mwiey it brought Mm, when he read that Lewis of Ypsilanti, had sold a rueasley thiee rnontbs' old Cocker Spaniel pup ior $120, and he was so mad that tha strawberry mark under his left ear, faded out entirely. - StearDfc' Weeldy. What's the matter over] in Washtenaw Co. ? Either the schools fitting papils for teachers are slighting the work, or the boys and girls are degenerating, or tne county examiners are putting on style and elevating the Standard, for at the last pnblic exarnination, but 11 of the 40 caudidates were able to pass examinatiou. Something wrong about this, iu the county having the normal school, the University of Michigan and Billy Jndson, the pusher. - Adrián Joker. We have a notion to lend our handkerchief to Ann Arbor, out of synipathy because, as the papers say, the electric road will eventually run froni Adrián tó Detroit by way of Ypsilauti, withont chango of cars, and leave AnnArbor on a side track. And again, the Enterprise wonld not steal one grain of comfort from uur sister city Ypsilanti. We have been so long on the same line - Ypsi. branch - you kuow, that it must seem good to know that you are out of tne vooüs in earnest. But it is not safe to build .up one's city on the ruïns of your ueighbor. Ann Arbor is to have a new hospital and when they get to running cars throngh frorn Adriau to Detroit without chauge, they will be in such a hustle to get there that the farmers aloj;g the line will be all cnppled up and will have to be taken to Ann Art or lor repaiis, so the rond will be osecl often enough to keep tbe weeds down and the geographers won't forget to put the name on the map. - Manchester Enterprise. Some Ann Arbor people at Zukey Lake tüonght they wonld like a piano, aud thereby mingle machine melody with thernusic made by misquitoes during camp life. Thu piano was sent for and placed in a flat-bottomed boat, They bore it gently o'er the billows of the two lakes, but on nearing the shore of the secoud, the boat capsized and piano was "put iu soak" for a few minutes. - Chelsea Ktandard. Adjutant-general Case passed frhrough this city last eveuing on the Michigau Oentrui and was met at the station by a committee of members trom the late Co. D, ijow Co. L, asking that he present to the military anthorities of the state, a petition signed by every business man in the city asking that the company be kuown as Co. D, ïnstead of Co. L. Adjutant-General Case will use his influeuce to - briug the change about. The oompauy at Ann Arbor are making a similar objection to a change which has been latelv made