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Convincing Proof

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The Average Anu Arbor Citizen Must Accept the Follovving Prooi'. The preat Sir IsaaeNewton, one of llie most profound reasoners the world ever produeed,once cut a large hole in a board feace to allow a favorite cat access to twopar-dens, and cut a smal'er hoit allow tipr kitten to foliow her. The wtarae s manifested i i Sir isaac's actiou -ao üue to want of tnought. Anyl'eader who mental ly debates the proof offered here about Doan's Kidney Pilis andarrives at any other conclusión than thut stated in 1 liis citizen's statement, is as short of raasoning powers as the philosopher when he turned oarpenter. Mr. Charles Schoot, of 617 N. Fourth avenue, says: "Töere is no doubt in my muid as to the excellent properties and high rnerits of Üoan's Kidney Pilis and I unhesitatingly recommend theii use to always fulfill all the claims made for them. From the result of a cold settling in my kidneys, 1 was foi a, long1 time troubied with a heavy aching pain throughmy ioin?. At 'times it was so severe Uiat I could scarcely bend and could hardly rest eomfortably in any positiou. I noticed Doan's Kidney Pilis recomrnended by parties who used them, so procnred a box at Eberbach & Son's drug store and took them. I used them but a very few days when the pain disappeared." Doan's Kidney Pilis for sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Company, Buffalo, N. Y.. sole sgents for the XJnited States. Eemember the name, Doan's, take no substituto.