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County House Figures

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The aunual report of the snperintendents of poor endiug June 30, '99, for Washteuaw county will show: The whole nurnber of ruale panpers in tbe couuty house dnring the year was 51, feinale paupers 21, the average maintained duriug the year is H9 37, under the age of 16 is 3, idiots 5, blind 2, Their nationality is as follows: American 34, English 6, Irish 10, Ger.mau 12, Frenoh 1, Negroes 6, Mulattoes 1, Italians 1, Bohemiaa 1. The nnmber of deaths was 5, mimber ontside of poor house teniporarily reheved 588, nnniber of permauent paupers ontside of poor house 40. The uurober of iosaue from Washteaaw whicb are iu the Easteru Miobigaii insane asylum is 23 and there are aoout four iu the other parts of the state. The tota) amount expended for persons uot in the poor house who received temporary relief is $,642.32. The total áspense of maintaiuiug the poor house and farm for the year, exclusive of interest on capital iuvested and value of paupers' labor is $3,565.66. The cost of rnaiutaiuiiig Washteuaw's insaue in the state asylum is about $2,454. 17 or about f200 less thau last year.