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A Detention Ward

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The question of the care of theinsane of Washteuaw county by the couuty was receutly brought ont in an interview wbicb followed by l"a very practical letter froin Judge of Probate Newriik pubhshed in the Daily Argus. It s a most important snbject, and the inancial side of it is the least important. The humane side, that patieuts be at once properly cared for, is the most pressing. The over crowded conrtition of the state asylums will grow worse instead of better. At a meeting of the state snperintendents of asylnms leid some time ago the project of a de;ention ward at the UDiversity hospital was broached. It was not , received nndJy for the reason that the superinendents feared that all incurable patints wonld be transferred to the state sylnms.and those that conld be speediy helped, wonld be retained, thus inuring the record of the state instituïons. The other proposition tbat the fcate build a regular asylum at Ann Arbor in conjuuction with the Univerity hospital was more favorably looked pon. Tuis Jatter of coursH would mean a large expenditure, possibly 1800,000, because the state would inist on having a farm of 600 to 800 acres o: land. 'j.his project, said an Aun Arbor pbysician to the Argus, niay eventnally mature, as the people of the state cauuot allow the present condition of affairs to continue. This hysician suggested tnat the county ught not build an addition to the onnty house for the connty patients, s its location was so far away froui he university that the patients could ot receive the atteutiou they should reoeive. What wonld he better, wouid be the erectioD of a wiijg on the east side of rhe present office of the University hospita!. Here patients could be taken as soou as mentally sick and treated. In this detention ward the patients wonld receive the oarefnl uursiug and medical atteution that they deserve. This ward would be also a great benent to medical stndents as they would be able to more thoroughly stody mental diseases. And the ward would be mutually beiieficial to the county and state.