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Much Feeling Aroused

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The good people of Pittsfielci are very iudignant uver the judgment obtuined against the township by Joseph Gage for daiuages. After the judgmeut had been obtained, they pnt in practical application the referendum at the towu rneeting leaving it to the tax payers wnether or not the case should be carried to the snpreme conrt. The decisiĆ³n was overwhelrningly in favor of so doing. As the case was affirmed there, tbere was nothing to be done bnt to spread the judgmeut and costs upon the tas roll, incrpasing the town taxes about 500 or about 50 cents on $1,000 valnation. A prominent Pittsfield repnblican said today tbat the feehng there was so intense that if attention had been called to the fact that Mr. Bntterfield was running for circnit couit commissioner last fall be wouldn't have receievd a dozen votes in the township. He was the plaintiff's attoruey. The claim was made that the suit was brought not by the man wbo received tbe jndgment bnt by his son and the sou was nnable to fiud work aiuoug the Pittsfield farmers in consequence so that he was obliged togoto Whitmore Lake. The road on whicb the daniage was sustained bas uot been repaired and the anthorities say will not be.