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He Only Winked

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Sheriff Jndson, wben asked today if he had read the iuterview with Editor Helber iu whioh the Jatter explained why Mr. Judsou was not to be allowed to boss the appointmeut of censns eunuuerators %vho were to be MoMillanites, replied that he nad. When asked for an interview in reply ,the wily ex-sheriff, ex-depnty railroad commissioner, present state oil inspector and next warden, winked. Yes, the truth must be told. He deliberately winked. Henry A.Cornwell, of 538 N. División st. , died athis residence Thursday eveuing abont 8 o'clock of paralysis. He had only been ill one week, although he was au invalid most of his life. He was born in Barry, Genessee county. N. Y., March 27, 1823. He carne to Michigan in 1834 and lived on a farm in London township, Mcnroe conuty nntil he was 21 years of age. He then came to Fosters and was employed in the woolen mili of Poster & Cornwell. Later the three Oornweil brothers Curnelius, Harvey and Henry were associated together in the manufacture of wooleus aud paper. He came to Ann Arbor about 30 years ago and this city has been his home since. For some years, nntil failing health compelled his retirenint, he was a 'director in the First National Bank. His earlyeducational advantages were very limited, the section of country where he speut his early years beiug new and the school advantages very prirrutive. His ertucatioii was mostly acquired in the school of experience. Of his opportnnities iu this school, he made ttie most and was successful in his husiness nndertakings, accutnulating a liberal competeuce. He was a man wbo attended strictly to his own affairs and did Httle talking. He was of a must kiudly disposition aud those wbo knew hun best appreciated him most. Mauy of his kiudly, generoas deeds uever found heir way to the public ear Lint were appreciated all the more on account of the undemoustrative manner in which they were perfonued. The fuueral'was held from tha house Saturdayat 3 o'clock aud the iuterment was in Forest Hill cemetery. St. Lonis, Jnly 17. - Mrs. Louis W. Holladay, who shot her husband Friday night at their home iu North Markec st, , near the city limits, is nnder arrest at the Sixth district pólice station, pending the outcome of his wonnd. Holladay is at the Missouri Baptist sanitarium. The physicians say that his recovery is very donbtfui. Mrs. Holladay says she fired the shot iuore to frighten than to kill her husbaud, who she claims, bad threatened to kill sotnebody, and from the rnauner in wiiicli he threatened her she snpposed she was to be the victini. The pclice have not notifled the parents of Holladay who live in Chicago, but the young man 's acquaintances expect that his oiotber will read of the sbooting iu the newspapers and come to his bedside. Mrs. Hollnoay was u Miss Annie James, of Florissant, a snlurb oí St. Louis. She was a variety actress, her stage name being Anuie Sylvester. It is said tbat since she married Holladay iu 1898 she has returned to the stage once or twice for self-support. Holladay is well known in this city having attended college here and married Susie Clatk, daughter of Charles Clark. About seven years ago she was grauted a divorce and was allowed $20,000, she cauuot get tmtil he inherits it, or if he dies his two children will get it.