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nervous,weak, fl I Snocure-nopayh PJ THE NEW METIIOD TREATMENT. W U3 original with Drs. K. & K., will lij ■ tively care forever any form oL Blood or ■ ■ Sexual disease. It is tho result of 30 I pa years' experience ia the treatment of PW lij these diseases. I Tl 3WECURESYPHILIS0 P3 This terrible Blood Poison, tho terror PI Ql of mankiiui, yields readily to our Jv'EVV I il ■ TREAÏilEXT. Beware oL MercuW. MÉ ■ Potash, etc. They may ruin your system. I ■I If you havegqresin the ruouthor toDgue, ■ 1 1E pains in the joints, sore throat. hair or P3 Uy eyebrows falling out, pimples or blotches, 3 11 stomach derangement, soro eyes, 9 ly aches, etc, you have the seeondary stage fT MH of this Blood Poison. We policit the ■■ tH most obstinate case?, and challenge tho I A LAJ world for a case we accept for treatment u ■ and cannot cure. By our treatment the ■ ■ ulcers heal, the hair grows again, pains ■ WJ disappear, the skin becomes healthy, und H IjJ marriage is possiblo and f afe. 14 gCURESGUARANTEEDH YT2 lnousandsor young and middle-agcd Wfk 1 men havo their rigor and vitality fapped IA ■ by early abuFos, later oxcesses, mental tme ■ worry, etc. No matter tho cause, our ■ ■■ New Method Treatment ia the ref uge. WwecureimpotencyQ LJ And restore all parts to a nonnal [J rfi tion. Ambition, life and energy are ■■ lil newed, and one feels himself a maar ■I among men. Every case is treated U ■ Tidually- no cure-all- heneo our ■ ■ ful success. No matter what ails you, ■ fr2 consult H8 confidentially. Wo can BI t nish bank bonds to guarantëe to 1 41 W% plish vihat wo claim. UW 0250,000 CURED g lij We treat and cure: EMISSIONS LÉJ ■ VARICOCELE, SYPHILIS, OLKET I ■ STRICTÜRE. IMPOTENXJY, SECRET ■ ■I DRAINS, UXXATURAL Tri PI ES, KIDNEY and BLADDER Diñases. IéJ Uü CONSULTATIOX FREE. BOOKS VU riFREE. If unable to cali, write for M hIattitblank Lor homeB ■Kennedy; Kergan 1 m Cor, Michigan Ave. and Sheiby St. n LJ DETROIT, MICH. tía