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St, Lonis, Mo., July 18. - Mrs. Louis W. Halladay was exonerated toclay by the coroner's ,inry for killing her husband, son of a prominent real estáte man of Chicago, verdict of jusifiable homicide beirg retnrned. Thomas Halladay, a brother of the dead man, will tonight accompany thfi remaius to Evanston, 111. , for interment. Lonis Halladay was a former stndent here, who was not enough of a student to gradnate. He was very prond ofhis looks. The Mrs. Halladay, who has jnst been exonerated was his secend wife. His flrst wife, as has been hitherto stated in these columns, was Miss Susie Clark, of this city, who was divorced froni him. Her tw'o cnildren will doubless inherit considerable property. St. Louis, Mo. , Jtily 20 - Mrs. Jessie Halladay, mother of Louis W. Halladay, bas forgiven her son 's slayer. Yesterday Mrs. Annie Hallsday received the following telegram from the dead man 's mother: "Evanston, 111,. July 19.=To Mrs. Annie Halladay. St. Louis: In my great sorrow I cannot forget your sufferings. Yon have my sympathy and my forgiveness. "MRS. JESSIBHALLADAY." St. Louis, Mo., July 20.- The eud of the Halladay case came yesterday afternoon, wheu the prosecuting attorney decided to quash the warrant for second-degree murder aud formally released Mrs. Annie E. Halladay from custoay. He had considered the case in all its bearings, and had come to the conclusión that there was no gronnd on which to base other thau a self-defense plea, and, as a resalt, ordered the dropping of all proceedings. Mrs. Halladay, who was nnable to go to Evanston to attenct the funeral of her lmsbaud, will return to the care of the boarding house with which she was supportmg herselt and her husband. Chicago, 111., Jnly 20.- Mrs. Lonis W. Halladay, exonerated Tuesday by a eoroners jury ín St. Lonis of killing her hnsband, wiH attend his funeral at Bosebill this rnorning at 11 o'clook. Interment vrill be in the family lot in Bosehill. The services will be cobducted by Rev. Frederick W. Keator, acting rector of St. Mark's Episcopal chnreb, Evanstou. The body arrived from St. Lonis yestecday morniug in charge of Thomas Halladay. Halladay's flrst wife, from vphona he was divorced tliree years ago, and their two childreu, aged 9 and 10, will come from Detroit to attend the funeral. Charles Clark, of this city, has reoeived a letter from his danghter Mrs. Susie Halladay, the divorced wife of the deceased, in which it is stated that Halladay 's mother is in a very lovv coDdition as she is snffering from diabetes. She is stopping in Chicago and is a frequent caller at the Halladay residence. It looks now as though Mrs. Snsie Halladay will seon come into possssion of the $20,000 permanent alimony which was decreed by Judge Kmne a few years ago. It is understood that her attorney, Chas. H. Kline will also have a shce of it. ,