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Fanned Into Flame

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The Detroit Eveníng News contains the followiug interesting resume of the Helber-Judson embrolgio: "Aun Arbor, Mich., July 14. - The etpry has just leaked ont as to the developruent of the animosity oí' Judson and Helbef - the man who is feeding his tribe on tnilk and houey of office-hclding, and the would-be Moses who is willing to leadj[the hungry mob ont of the wilderuess into the preserves now occnpied by the best-organized and most formidable "push ' that a county like Washtenaw cau boast of. "Helber is the editor of the Nene Washtenaw Post, a Germán paper with a big circulation. When the oíd original fight between Jndson and Moran prung np, the redoubtablo Billy nsed bis persnasive wink to sucn an extent that Helber fell nnder its irfluencs, and was as red hot a Jadson man as ever hollered for Pingree. When Wedemeyer was an aspirant for congressional honors, Helber filled his editorial columns with statements that firmly couveyed the idea that nniess the congressional convention nominatëd Wederoeyer the republican party could not expect any support from his paper. Wedemeyer was the spnior warden in the Judson loclge. The couvention ended with the nomiuation of Hank Smith and Helber walked out talkiDK both Germán and English against the aotiou. Jndsou's brains were wnittled down to just that sharp point that he could not afford to antagonize the nominee at this stage of the game, and at his suggestion, Smith appoiuted Helber his committeeman for Washtenaw county. "The idea pleased Helber immensely. It woalcl give a great prestige in the distribntion oí offices, and all went smcoth. His paper did not oppose Smitb, not withjstanding ffedemeyer did not get the nornination. "Then came the Burrows-Pack fight tor the senatorship. Helber wrote editorials against McMillan and Burrows that can only be summarizeri in family uewspapers with " ," " ." He roasted McMiilau to a finish. "And still tb fight between Judsou and Moran was in progress. Helber had even noiainated Lester Canfield foi sheriff in the county convention anc it looked as if Judson haa been completely Jfaded with lus rismg sun whiskers. In fact everytbing went to snit the present state oil inspector imti' Smith swung into the McMillan camp and took Helber with him. "Jndson wauted the grease of ceusns ennuierators to apply to his finely fittec machine. Smitb couldu't go back on McMillan and wouldn't dónate anj fat. Jndson got mntinoas. Helber got to talking against Alger. Tbere was the devil to pay m old Washtenaw "Then it was that a fine Italiau hanc devised a scheme of uniting th? war ring Smith-Helber-M Judsoii -Pin gree-McMillan factions. Helber was to give a big reception to Smith. It was to be 'non-political,' of course The leaders of all sides were invited and if Helber could cement the brokeu bonds he wonld have accomplished tne greatest thing in the history of party politics iu this connty. Jndson stooc pat on the matter of census enumera tors, Bot the mvitations had gone forth. All thecongressionalcommittee veere to be there. Es-Gov. Kich and others of state prominence nad prom ised to come. When the time for the function arrived there was apreponderance of the anti-Judsou crowd. Jndson, CanelSd or none of the most prominent of the "rough riders'' with the exception of Pete Lehman, Prof. Johnson and Torn Mingay were present. Judson had still stood par. Helber took it as a snub and the incideut gave rise to the defiance of the boss of Washtenaw connty. The fight started. Peace became impossible. The first guu bas been fired. "