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"DEATH IN THE POT." "Death in the pot." That sentence condenses the story of a tragedy. A little family gathering. A fine dinner cooked in the large copper kettle long disused, and the entire family poisoned by the accurnulated verdigris. The story was told by the newspapers from one end of the land to the other. But it was soon forgotten. The moral of it is, that the purest of food, put into a foul vessel, instead of ministering to life may become a minister of death. If the stomach is diseased it is like the poisonous kettle, which taints everything that goes into it. The symptoms are irregular appetite, undue fullness after eating, distressed feeling in the stomach, of fluttering and sinking sensations, palpitation, dizziness, ringing in ears, sour or bitter risings and constipation. Not all these symptoms may be present at the same time, but any of them shows disease in the digestive or alimentary tract. The intímate relation of the stomach to the blood, heart, liver and lungs makes it a medical maxirn in exploring the causes of obscure diseases to "start with the stomach." It is upon this principie that Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery effects so many and such , remarkable cures. It cleanses the stomach and the system is cleansed. It increases the action of die blood making glands, and the body is enriched by the purified blood. It strengthens the digestive or nutritive organs and these strengthen the whole body by increasiug the quantity and quality of its nourishtnent. It carries off the poisonous, effete matter. In this way it re-establiskes health, banishing the bodily aches, which are but symptoms of the stomach's condition. All medicine dealers sell " Golden Medical Discovery." If they try to substitute something else, it is because "something else" pys better. Iasist on "Golden Medical Discovery " if you want to be cursd.