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Assaulted By A Tramp

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Northvillfi, Mich., July 16.- Mrs. Letter Lyke, who was assaultt'd by a tramp Satnraay afteiuoon, ut her home! uí ai' rhe W shteuaw conuty line, ! oovered sufficieutly to giye a lucid ex- planatiou of the affair today. Sho says a tramp called abont 2 o'clock and j deiuancUd somethiiig to eat. She offered to get it whereupou the tramp insistérl [ou entering the bous", aud upou refnsa) to let liim come in he hfiuled ofi'and deliberately kuocked eer dnwn. She feil inside the house aud as she dropr-ed, her üttle girl, who waa aloue with her at the time, grabbed a revolver froru a shelf aud hauded it to her motner. At this the tramp statred across the garden hack of the house towarris the woods. Mis. Lyke shot twiocs and tbinks the bullets must have takeu souif effect as the tramp feil at ach shot lint fiually reacbed the woods aud disappeared. Neigbbors wtre quickly aronsed aud while thfy were able to track hirn in the damp grouud to tha woods, their search further is as yet in vaiu. It is thought be is stül in hiding there or ïu the beiry n a:shes adjoining. The Lykes iive abont four miles west of the village near the Washfpuaw county line. Mrs, Lyke describes her assanlter as a largp, thick-set fellow, weariug browu clothes and had saudy whiskers. This is noc Mrs. Lyke's firat use of rirearms. She js a nervy oman aud but a short time ago saved her chickeu-coop f rom beiug robbed by shooting at a oonple of uien iu the act of entering it.