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"9 ■wSkSSkx . ■ '-MííWpBH Cutihisad. oul andHend touswlth $1.UO, and we willsendyou MiIhJXKW MkfflBBigy Tiflr-i " mPBOVKI AC-HK gi'KK.N 1' A KLOK OKÍ3AN', bj -rrcIghtC. O. D., ibjpt't io f iSjQg$Lg%BgSB _ I tjjfc ■_ íxaminalion. You can examine it at yournearest freight depot. tjfeg-NMWMi. and if you find it exactiy as repreentcd, equal to oruns tJmt rKyuhátfyíkJubÍJuAriMNfMMÉInlfW rctail at #71. 00 to #100.00, tliegreatest value you ever saw and vfH far hetter than organsadvertised by others at more money, pay 2 il rit mm mlf the freight agenC our special 9O dayt' offer price, $31-75. sUBVlH ?'lPBl fflft less the $1.00, or L30. 76, and freight charges. ' M wHttSfl D $31.75 IS OUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS' PR1CE g.g 11 HHJy ei] Ijj oilicrs. Such nu otfer wuh ncvi'p mude bet'orc. tt BSOBüiir. JHH THE AC ME QUEENisoneof themoiitDlBABLKAXD SWKHTKST "TtBÍs!liV-JÍ fi 3WB TONK Instrunipnis eter made. Krom tho iliustratïon shown, whlch ÏJM yt_ - '' lÊÊ fflLll_ff is eniiraved direct from a photograph,you can formsojnc ideaüt'ita wB tf L3 wSm ePc4HI beautiful appearance. Mndc irom Holld quarter Nnwcd , jB ' Oi 'v-vi ÖB GuH oak, antique llnish, bandsomelydecoratedandornaniciited. jMMMd HNSKvl latent 18 tyle. THE iCHE QCKK.N is6 fout 5 inches liigh, EÍ - ' - ;ffl fëf 12 inches long, 23 inches wide and weigns 350 pounds. flÊB tains 5 octaves, 11 stops, asfollows: Diapasón, Principal, JMÊÈi TTífí Ouklana, nelodla, Celeste, Cremona, Baas Goupler Trble Vfli wi,,1 AJ ConpliT, Diapasón Forte and Tor Humana; 2 Octnve l'oiiplers, TVfl HrjBH 1'1'onr Hvrt'll, 1 Grond Organ Swell, 4 öet Orehwtnl Tnned iBWrrrfrSfRs FiBlflii . ' ■ ■ RionlorjFlpegnalltjKepd, 1 Sot of 3J PurO 8weet Briodla IBbIKUkS ÉMW BV " Rrrda, 1 8rt or S J ('harmlnitl; Brllliant Celeste Reeds, 1 Kot of fl ! i-=4tM alFfaBW I 24 Rlcli Jlellow Hmoolh Dlapasoa Repda, 1 Set of 24 l'h-n.lni; LES, WBQttÊ URI. WH 8ortJIeloillonsFriiielplReed. THE ACM E OÜEKN ffc V ) Q tionconsistof thecolel)ratedNewcllltMd,wliiclinrLonly r --t M 1 8 ■ . Ml !■ƒ' used in tbe hlghest grade Instruments; fltted with BHB HM Wl üi nond Conpleri and Tox Humana, also best Dolge felts, " í M leathors, etc, bellows of the best rubber cloth, 3-ply H DttUlW U bellows stock and finest leather In valves. THE BWW AOMK QUEEN is furnished wlth a 10x14 bovelcd Hl_ n. atÊm píate Frenen minor, nickel platal pedal frames, uiaB II Ml and every modern lmprovement. We farnUh free a LU sne ornan stool and the best organ iniitruction book publlshi-d. JmIPSI CUARANTEED 25 YEARS. JS M M issue a written binding ïli-year guaranteo, by tho SMImm turma and condltlona ot whlch if any part Bivcs ou , MfxyifiLBSÊl SPH H we repair ltft-ce of charec. Try itone monta and ' HWXPB B&fl we will ref und your money if you are not perfectly , ,l!r Hl? tcB MtM: IJL, not dealt with us osk your neighbor about us.write ''■■-.. ' 2 the publieher of this paper or Metropolitan National -.;'-■. ff-. ... .; ,: ,; ■ Bank, or Corn Exchange Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Germán Exehange Bank, New York; orany railroad or expresa ompany in Chicago. We bate aeapltal of orer $700000.00, oconpy entlre ono of the largent business hlocksin Chicago, and employ nearly 2,000 peopte in our own building. WK HKLL OHOANS AT S22.00 nd up; PIANOS, U&-00 and op; also everything In musical instrumenta at lowest wholesalO pricew. Writo for free special nrgan, piano and musical instrument catalogue. Address, 8earB, Boebuek M Co. mr Iboroogblf rellablO- KUor. SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), Fulton, Oesplaines nd VVayman Sts., CHICAGO. ILL.