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v.e v-l11 sena you Ci f.VÏ il) 9 I SO GBADE DROPCABINET BURDiCK SEWIHQ MACHME ojfrelrbtc o. u. scbjett u exuu. ? "Sïf? I ''!& nauoü. ou can eiamine ie at your nearest freight depot and itjgca P lËöT '' I found pcrfoctlj satltructorj, exactly as rcpresented, Kiíílísflft. f IL JaltJ JLMP cal to machi., e olheri sell as high as $60.00, and Til t - 3OT=ïinlS!ï5SÉr ■ SPÜlWjr- GKLiTKST BAKUil.N YOD KTER HXAUD OF, pa; jiaiH gBgC freight agent Our Special Offer Prico S15 50 BMM -vï and freisht charges. The machine weighs v '""" 120 pounds and the freicrht will average 75 cents for each 500 miles. raHIH CIVE IT THREE MONTHS' TRIAL in your om home, and HBH SV,Hf we w:ll return your Í15.50 any day you are not satisüed. We eeli BB'B frrfnl mik Dd gracjet of Srmag Ixkim al Í8.S0, $10.00, 11.00, B1IWW V 9 HBi MSHfHUMl S12.00ndup, all fnlly dFicrlbed la Onr Free Sfwiiií Machine Catalogue, E g H rrtllWM. _-j !SI5.50 forthiDKOP DESK CABINET BURCICK Hl vP 1 LUIMll 5 %% lo the ereatest valué ever offered by any house. f II ■ B BSHl B BEWARE OF IMITATIONS S.?? ?. M lHrlf vertïsments, offering unkoown naehlnes under varioU3 names, with nl fi BmJ S l_% í Tarious inducementi. Write tone fricad la Chicago and ïeirn woo are ÏKI _4MJ 1 „ RILUBLS iSD WHO ÁRI KOT. Bil í?'????" I ö -B 141? DIIDninr has eTery MODERN mrROTKHEJT, _ JTaJJ4&W!'S3'í?Sy S = = 8RADI MACHtSE ADÏ, WITH THK ' TN' "JjUPaH ' DEFBCTB OF HOM. MADE BI THE BEST MAKER IN AMERICA, CaP -Mt= 1 f)_HMMBniwFKM tlLBEST]IATLEÍAL " - ÍA1S SOLID QUARTER SAWED PAK gigi8 [ PUNO FüLlSHKD, one ihustration shows machine closed, (headdrop L Hu ping f rom Sigrht) to be uscd&sacenter tuble, slaad op dtsk, the olher Ww tier optn witl1 u1 lengtb table and bead in place for sewing, 4 faaej e H t drawfri, latest 1899 skelcton frame, carved, paneled, mbossed and S Eamw5wÊmaiÊSi Wti decorated cabinet finish, flnest nickel drawer pulls, rests on 4 cosg BK 3 ff BW ÜBlKr"' ters, ballbeaiing d justable treadle, genuine Sroyth iron stand. B TB ■ I 5 0 OmTC Finest Urpe H(rh Ira hed, p&sitive four motion feed, self threading ' - Jf In U I kk BjHl inf? shuttle, automatic bobbin winder, adjustable beariugs, patent tensión L "í f 11 I B nMI liberator, improyed loose wheel, adjustable presser foot, improved shuttle ï-w-S-S fesLI ' ■ mm ■ AffiK carrier, patent necdle bar, patent dresspuard.head is handsomely decorated llë fSÊm mSBñ aili "i bewtiwir NICKEL TRÏMMED. IWI 1 U SSËI CUARANTEED tb llghtt mnnins. most durable aodnearstooislM machia "SbS ffrf r -r JBHW T1' K'rioownattchiapnt isforTiishcd and oor Free InstniCtion Book tells Ë PH 1 C'i'iVS&i'iöi'vs'Hw'Cadl just howanyonecan run it anfidoeither plain or any kind of iaucy work. aTOJii?WS A2O-YEAJRS' BINDT1ÏG GÜAKANTEE is sent -with every machine. =af WnrLLLL&L3 M IT COSTS YOU NOTKiNG tosee and examino this machine, compareit yi,y.. -?__3JJ il tUOio iuu wuinunu wi?.h those yOurstorekceper sellsat $40.00 "'ae'fcS tn $60.00 and then if convinced yon sf25.OO io L40.00. ptj yonr frclght Ant the $15.50. ffR T0 KKTt'KN YOVR Ï1&.50 If at anr timr irtthln thrce raonths job ej jou ai ■o .atliCicd, OBUER TO Daï. DüN'T DELAY. (Sears, Koebuck & Co. are thorouhly rel ie ble.- Editor.) Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.) Chicago, III.