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Final Closing Fire Sale

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tïcsasrc: . ra J) 8 Eff ■---" '".-ass;! One Thought, one Idea, one Desire, governs this last effort .... 0 H WW w 'W ■■ 'S E SB H B IB s ♦ Fvprvhíiriv Wanh Rhsiirc Y as? Couches' and Parlor Seis. Wm 1 Ul 1 UlfU f WWUiii.lI ViillilU A T" CL P O O" '22-00 Sofa uphoiotered in finest silk damask _ , , „, . „ ,,, o T-r v i t j A "T" f rf - Mahogauv Divan, covered with fancy stripe silk worth $14.00. Mfati% ffi- Mahogany Chairs, Willow Chairs, Golden Oak Chaira, Saddle Seats, Upholsterea A f {J U J H Seate, allpolish finish worth Ï6. 00. ■ W-- JrftiBvV AT AH - $15.00 Mahogany Divau, upholstered in silk damask. MAfl rt r Reception Chairs, Parlor Chairs, Hall Chairs, Office Chairs, Library Chairs, ■ W.__ }h Mahogany, Quartered Oak, Birch, etc. Polish finished, upholstered, leather A"" f ( (- $40.00 Davenport Solid Mahogany, upholstered in plush. lPÜ I U U seated, easy chairs and rockers worth up to 9,00, f J J MAp A f% -Mahogany Rockers upholstered in plush worth $15.00, Mahogany fioished RockA 'T" I O O O - $35-00 Leather Couch, turkish style, best make. n er upholstered in leather worth $12.0 ', White Mahogany Chairs upholstered in f _yjy' tjUlU U silk damask, 50 Easy Chairs and R )ckers, representing the very ñnest and best ____________ _________ ___ _____________-___-___--- - - --- - - - -- - chairs in the city all bunched into on e lot to sell quick at $500. __ _, # A -T" rt O CC- $15.00 Easy Chair, Oak frame Leather, upholstered seat, Mahogany Easy Qg iT'dllOi Z3L11 L-S f yJyQiKJKmJ ctiair, upholstered iu plush. AT" (t O O O - 3 Piece Curley Birch Parlor Suit, damask upholstery, worth $15.00 A T (tf C - f 18 00 Mahogany Eay Chairs, upholstered in silk damask, a splendid p V O._____ AT ! O O O""5 Piece Mahg.any finished Parlor Suit, also 5 Piece Oak Parlor A T "7' r( Large Heavy Oak frame Leather Chair formerly marked to sell at j _, ._d-__. Suits covered with plush, worth $25.00. r I CP I .JJ $16.00. AHT I f K Q- $28.00 Parlor Saits upholstered in damask. A "T" "7 C-?19. 00 Mahogany frame Leather Rockers upholstered in Plush. " I I J .__-___. A% I I .wW A"T" B O O O - $35.00 Mahogany Parlor Suit upholstered in silk damask. AT" ChQ $25.00 Library Chair, oak frame, upholstered in leather, White Mahogany f -_. . , r I vPvy.V-Jv- Chairs, upholstered In Silk üamask. AT I K A- 00 Curley Birch Parlor Suit covered in finest silk damask. AT" I O f} (- 25-00 Mahogany Fancy Piush Upholstered Easy Chair, the fínest #% I V- . _ CD I vy.LV- piece of fnrniture ever brought to this city. Also $38.00 Overstuffed A "T" l O O O $38.00 Mahogany Parlor Suit covered in green plush, handsome and Turkish Leather Chair, Hair Stuffed Spring Back, Edges and Arms. V- V uew. ir r5 f Y32..5 "-PV x- 1 A larse variety to select from at Dinmg Tables. Laciies Desks y on the duar. Ladies Desks, quartej sawed oak, worth $4.50at $2.35. -- - rtL $12 00 8-foot Dining Tables, round top, polish finish, up-to-date style. Ladies Quarter Sawed Oak Desks worth $8.50 at $4.00. A I ÏDD.UU Ladies Quarter Sawed Oak Desks worth $12.50 at $6.50 AT C I I KH-10 fot uarter Sawed Dinin Table' Pillar le88' worth 2-00LadiGS , Q!fr?r SaW?? De,.f oí í?,?; . o aa I Jj) .OU Ladies Mahogany Desks worth $20.00 selhng at $9.00. „ , -,.. . m ui L .a i -v, on nn Ladies Mahogany Desks worth $22-00 go at $11.00. a - m i Q pkpv - Mahogany Dining Table, finest finish, worth $20.00. 6 J : " " vONYX STANDS. BABY CARRIAGES for $5.00, $6.00 and $7.00 worth AT e5O_0nyx gtand8 which were Inarkod before the fire 87.5o. o, o, s AT $4.60- Onyx Stands always sold in retrularway at $14. $II.OO $14.00 anCl $IO.OO. AT 3.75- Onyx Stands worth every where at regular price $12.00. AT ARMORY ] f CY & CO. AT ARMORY