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Detroit, Ang. SJ. - (From a staff correspondent Daily Aigus.) - Gen. Alger reached Michigan lasi evening. His 'home coming was the occasion of a big recepción in Detroit, one which indicates clearly that Gen. Alger holds a warm place in the affections of the people of Detroit and the state. While the welcome was hearty and ppoutaneoos, it was not the magnitude of it wbich would impresa the oulookers. One who read only the Dettroit papers wonld imagine that Dettroit was a rnass of decorations and that aa immense concourse of people assembled to wituess n mammoth parade. The truth mnst be told aoc while it is told it snould be nnderstood that it in no way detraéis from tbe welcome to Gen. Alger. The line of inarch was decorated, but the principa! decorations were lithograph portraits of Gen. Alger, which were placed, one ju each store window. A few of them "were fraraed. Then American flags were hung from each building - uot a mass of tliem, uot to cover the buildings, bat enough only to show thnt the occasion was remero bered. The streets of Detroit, in spite of its large population, were uot more crowded taan at the Cleveland receptiou in Ann ArDor The city hall whicli was the cbief building decorated had a large portrait of General Alger - niue large red white and blue rosettes and a little buuting, besides the electric light words "Welcorne Home." Since Detroit has got to be acouveution city the word welcome is kept standing on the 'building, the word below being cbauged to fit the occasion, this time boing "home." The parade of the G. A. R., Spanish-Arnerican Veterans, 60 firemen and 150 letter carriers with a few secret societies was a gaod one and was well received by the people. Gen. Alger was everywhere received with respect. When the reviewing party took their positiens on the stand in front of the city hall, the people crowded in on the street car tracks, the cars were stopped and soon in both directions ware seeu the headlights of long liues of street cars. Mayor Maybury 's address of welcome was well delivered. Gov. Pingree's address was read fïom manuscript and was au ill-tim.ed attack ou newspapers. It was very notioeable that JMaybury aroused much the louder and most frequent cheers, while the cheei's during the governor's speech were rather thin. Gen. __ Alger received au ovation and at the reception held in the city hall quite a number of people paid tbeir respects. It was not the size of the demonstration which impressed an onlooker. It was the good natured, caltuly expressed kindly feehng everywhere feit towards one of Detroit's most distinguished citizens. Detroit, Aug. 3.- Whatever may have Oeen the personal feelings of the late .ecretary of war, General Russell A. Alger, concerning recent incidents of his offlcial career, all sentiments save those of genuine happiness were very ■ evidently banished yesterdayafternoon and evening by the magniflcent welcome tendered him by the people of nis own city and state. From 4 p. m., when the welcoming committee crowded into -his private car upon its arrival at Toledo, O,, until 9 p. m., when the general ceased grasping outstretched hands, the scène was a constant and spontaneous ovation. Smiles and tears repeatedly struggled for the mastery over the secretary's bronzed countenance, as he gazed into the eager faces of the multitudes who loudly and convincingly insisted that "Alger's all right," and no dissanant voice was heard. Met in Oeueral Ht Toledo. Darkness teil during the speeches iïom the reviewing stand in front of the city hall, giving opportuuity for throwing a searchlight upon the feaiures of Genera] Alger, drawn n crayon on a canvas sixteen feet square hung from the city hall front and surrounded by patriotic decorations. A great crush at the indoor reception was the final feature. The special train which met General Alger and party at the Toledo consisted of six coaches. It carried 400 members of the reception committee. Banners stretched along the side of the cars, said that Michigan welcomed home her honored son. When the Pennsylvania train arrived the general's car was besieged by bis old friends. General Alger waa escorted through the reception train and greeted by all. Parade of Veterans of the War. Upon arrival in this city headed by about 300 nicyelists, over 1,000 marchers escorted General Alger from tbe Michigan Central station by a circuitous course, leading past the general's home to the reviewing stand. Militia and veterans of the civil war, hicluding Fairbanks post, G. A. R., of which the general is a member, a cornpany of Spanish war veterans, and scores of marchers in secret society uniforms filed past. Fairbanks post carried two great banners stretching half across the street. which declared: "There is only one Alger." When General Alger appeared upon the reviewing stand there was a roar of applause from the dense crowd which blockei all traffic across the campus martius. The ex-secretary reviewed the parade and returned the salut.ations of many marchprs, especially those of veteran O, A. R. comrades.