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Committed Suicide

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- - - - ,..-"♦ Ypsilanti, Mich., Aug. 1. - (From a staff correspondent). - John Res?, of 115 Hamilton st. , was fonnd this morning a little after 9 o'clock in bis barn hanging by th neck. The deeeased was formerly of Ann Arbor, wbere he for a long time condnoted a feed store. For the past few rnonths he has been in the employ of the Sanitary Miik Co., of Ann Arbor. Mr. Rosa has been ailing for several rnonths with pains ;n his head and has been taking treatmem by Dr. C. G. Darling. Yesterday he complained to his wife conpiderably of snob pains and fehe advised hira to agaiu see the doctor, whicb, however, he did not do. It was about 9 a. m. today wheu he went ont to the barn to do some chores and when he did uot return within a íeasonable time the little boy was sen to the barn to see what the matter was He found Mr. Ross hanging from a strap witü his knees nearly tonching the floor. Undertakers Mack & Mack were called to lay-out the body and Fuuera Director Martín of Ann Arbor, was called to take charge of it. Justice Childs empaneled a coroners jury and the inquest is being held this afternoon. John Ross was au honest mau. That is the pre-eininent quality whicb marked bis life. He had lived in Aiiu Arbor for very tnany years and resided iu a little house on Jeifersou st. , where he was very happy in bis home life. He uever had any cbildren of his own, bnt be reared aud tducated a nephew, a boy of great promise who öied wheu 20 years old. After tbe trial of Clifford Hand, Mr. Ross adopted his little boy. For sume years Mr. Ross was bookkeeper in J. T. Swatbei's feed store on tne corner of Aun aud Fourtb. and afterwarcls ran a feed store for hiiiiself where J. F. Lawreoce's block now is. He afterwards ran a second hand store wbere Johnson 's restaurant is on Ann st. He went ont of business aud in August last sold his resideuce on Jefferson st. aud removed to Ypsiluuti. John Ross was about the last man his acquaintances would bava believed would comiait suicide.