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The appointmeiit of a missionary assistant, capable of preaching Euglish to Rev. P. J. Kionka, was annonnced in the Daily Argus recently. Last Sunday Rev. E. A. Einniel, the candidate was ordained in the Salem Evungelical Lntüeran church iu Owosso. The Daily Aiuericau of that city says : "Dnring the ceremony Rev. Jnlius Klingman, of Weinsberg, .Washtenaw county offlciated.preachiugjap. able and instroctive sermón both candidate and congregation in wbich his experience of mauy years in the field was set forth, to the benefit of his auditors and the yonng pastor. The ordination was administered by the laying on of hands Dy the offlciatiug pastors. The charge to the candidate was delivered to the candidate by Rev. Klingman, assisted by Rev. Anerswald, of Ludingtou, and Rev. P. J. üionka, pastor of tli6 chnrch. "Rev. Eoirnel is a giadnate óf Concordia College, and the Lutheran Sem inary, of Milwaukee, and is a young mail with high raorals and nne educatioual qnalities. He will serve the chutch iu the city as au assistant to Rev. Kionka, preaching discourses in EngJish. He will also -assume the duties of the various Lutberan inissionary posts in tbe ccnnty. The present mernbership of the church in Owosso is about 100 families, in the connty there are betweeu 40 and 50 families iu the various posts. Rev. Ernrnel will be a valuable aid to the work. "