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Priemer Laurier now says he öid not ine...

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Priemer Laurier now says he öid not ineau it. He declares tiiat war is not o be thonght of. He knows too well that the Yankees have sorne reputation as bluffers themselves aud thatitwoold aiot work therefore. No doubt the phrase was used for home consutnptioii and that it accomplished its purpose. The wholesome effect of the presence f the military in Cleveland is a demonstrated fact. It is unfortunate that the situation sliould not have been taken in hand by the authorities iu time to prevent the loss of a single life. Jt should not be deemed necessary to ■wait nntil blood has been shed before fiuch a situation as has existed at Cleveland for soma days is taken iü hand by sufflcient power to control it. It is believed among republicans in this city, that Oongressman H. C. Smith does not inteud to be a candidate for a second term - Ypsilantian. Wtiile the Argus is not admitted to the sancturn sanctorum of the repnblian pnsh and cnnnot, thert'fore, speak i'rom knowledge as to the above, it had supposed that whether Heinnch Christian Schmidt (excuse us dear Ypsilantian for our correcton of your spelling) was to be a candidato or not would depend upon on Engene HelDer, who is reported to still have in his keeping the ■"unabated confidence"of Heinrich. There is a big revoltjof Kentncky democrats against the machine. When the democratie state]oonvention was leid the maoliine, after one of the bit fcerest flghts in the history oi'old Kan tucky politics, forced Senator Goebel author of theffnotorionsjeleetionjlaw which bears his name, on tne headío: the tieket. Bnt thej?nomination:Lwa o itained by -gnch'f methods that i caused a revolt and the bolters have indaced ex-Gov. John Youug Brown to head their ticket. Atthe head of the Goebel committee to manage the] oam paign stands es-SunatorJoe. BlackIbarn, a resourceful leader. The flght will be a hot oueevenfor old Kentucky the state of proverbally hot political fights. It will result do doubt in the ■slection of the repuDlicau ticket. The flivil service league inakea sorry -exhibiticn in attacking President McKinley's reeent order modifying the civil service rnles. Tuey claim that tbe president has taken a step backward and reriounced the pledges made &y éöe couventiou which notuinated. bvm The hue and cry that went ■npja'iien the chauges were made would íaíü have led tbe devotees at this !r&Line to betieve that tbe president haa assaulted the temple ltselt. - Ypsilantian. Yes, sorry exhibition indeed in the eyes of all snch blind, deaf and dumb idolaters of everything labeled repubhean as is the editor of the Ypsilantiau, tont with none others. Itwasas sqnare a back tüowrj from platform pledges as xt is possible to conceive. Not only ihar, it was a repudjation of the direct and nneqttivocal pleciges made by the president in kis letter of acceptauce. The only defense ever uudertakeu by anyorie, except those inclnded iu the classes above mentioned, is that the president had removed bnt a few posiïions from the classified list and those such as are in their fnnotions confideutial. Bnt even those -who offer this deiense dropped it when they discovered that 10,000 positioiis had been exmpted. Ttie joy amóng the spoilsmen over the action of the president showd very plainly that tüey did not consider the order an extensión of civil service reform. In various other ways the president has shown that he has urned nis back on his pledges. Even in tlw military arm of the service, varioHB appointments were made sulely on ■the spoils plan. Men, without any military training at all, were appoiuted over men who had peeu educated for the ariuy and had spent years in the service, einiply becanse they were their fathers' sous. He also appoiuted a known spoilsman as snpurinttindent of he census, thus practically makiug 5??ery place in the army of enumerators a reward for polkical service rather thau of roerit. Yes, the president's recent order while iu keeping with his ■whole public career, placiug politics before every other principie, is a icíjas assanlt on the "temple" of the it pysrem itself. ïhweare tho best of reaspns why the devotees of a public ervice of merit rather than of spoils fihould raise a hue aud cry.