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Had Found Ideal Wife

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"Do you bclieve iu territorial expansión. Miss Willowby?" "Well, to teil the truth," the beautiful girl replied, "I haven't given enougli study to that question to know anything about it." Mr. Primley twisted his mustache Lor a moment and then asked: : "Are you in favor of an Anglo-Saxon alliance?" "Oh, dear, I can't say. I haven't paid any attention to that subject. I confess that I am as ignorant as a child where public matters are concern." "Then you haven't become interested in any of the reform movements?" "No, I don't consider myself eapable of taking up and discussing those things." "Do you take much interest in science and are yon in the babit of discussing the beauties of classical music, using technical terms, or are you an amateur literary critic, or do you ever talk to people about the great moral problems that are claiming the attention of so many of our learned wonien nowadays?" "No, I'ro asharned to have to confess it, but I have found it impossible to get any of those things through my head sufficiently to dare to talk about them." "You don't know anything about politics or soeialism in its new sense, or the 'Influence of the Compendium as Applied to the Concomitants of Paleolithie Abnegation,' do you?" "I - I am afraid I don't," she timidly replied. "Say," he suddenly exclaimed, "will you be my wife?"