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Pittsfield has a big beau erop thi. year. Johu Schaibie, of Lodi, is rejoicint, in tbe arrival of a son. Tbe Michigan Central pairl $827,847 state tases yesterday. I The Michigan Central depot at Chel sea has been reshingled. St. Joseph's churcb %vill hold i te an nual picnic in Bhniss grove, .Augusta Ang. 3. Qagle Bros, of tüe Home Lanndry are having connections put iu to use soft water in their business Exaruinations for state teachers, certifícales will be held Aug. 15-18 a LansiEg, Cadillac and Marquette. A pop bottle bnrst in Chelsea tne otber day and cut one of the small arteries in the arm of Chris. Bagge. The Harugari Maennerchor are preparing to give a Germán operetta this lall. Erank Mclntyre will direct ttie mnsic. Miss Emma S A. McGonigal and H. D. Urose left today for Tecumseh vphere they wiH open a photograph gallery. The dean of the oldest school of pharmacy in New England graduated in pharmacy in the University of Michigan in 1883. Clark Oornwell yesterday received a small package of gold dust trom his son, W. C. Cornwell, in the Yokon valiey. - Jackson Press. Hugh Qnin, Jr. , of Dexter, broke his arm the other day by talling while innning. The same arm was broken a year ago by his falling off a fence. Jndge Cheever is making many improvements upon the Alonzo Moore property at 214 N. Thayer st. The house will be thoroughly overhauled outsirte and in. There are 93 pupils in attendance at the parochial summer school of Zion's chnrch and not nine as the dropping ent of the figure tnree made the yesterday's Argus says. The filliug of the space between the stone sidewalks and tbestreets on S. Main st. with cement is adecided improvement. The street has so far löokdd somewhat unflnished. NoUtithstanding Mtjsers. Judson and Helber are busily engaged in throwing hoqnets at each other, somebody is bound to get the "hinkey dink. " Which will it be? - Dexter Leader. The snit decided against the citiztns railway in Detroit yesterday ineruly afl'ected the carrying of heavy freight. It did not apply to the carryng of parcel freight such as is carried on the D., Y. & A. A. The annual Sunday school picnic of the Bethlehem chnrch held in Kelief Park yesterday was a pleasant affair. The children were there in large numbers and had a good time. The day was a Jittie cloudy so that the sun did not shine down quite as hot as nsnal. Michigan Telephone Co. 's new connectiuns: Warren, Parson's & Co., grocers, 801 ; John Reule, residence, 897; Mrs. L. E. Cheever, i-psidence, 412; C. J. W. Smith, residence!, 411; Dr. C. Georg, residence 209 ; G. Luick, resideuce 375 ; Miss Cora Hess reeidence 292. Scblemtrex Bres. oí the Aun Arbor Flaiï Sng fautory, have iwpi-ovpd their veaviug building ou W. Hnron st. by laviug a brick all with an air st a :e milt nruuiíd the foundations of tlie niilrtiug. The wall will prevpnt tbe rotting of the sills of the bnilniiiR and also iiiakü the building waruier ïu winter. Je.m Piirre, n disfiaenisbed Freucb viohni?t will give a violiu recital at tbe Lake house, Wbitinore halm, Saturday evenin, Ang. 5. Mis Julia B.ili, Diauisr, will asist. Erwin Ball and Mips Juia Ball will render vpcal solos and dnets Por bfiuefit of M. E. churcb. Adiaissioii u ueüts. cliiidreii half price. Win Heselsctwerdt, of Sharon, bad a horsp killpd iu f pecnliar maoner receutly. Wheu lie weut iuto th field to catcb the auimal be fonud it fasteued by its biüd foot to the top wire oí a ferice, evidently haivng kioked at another horse on tbe oppcsite si de of tbe feuee aud the wire being drawu onder the sboe it conld uot free itself. It bad beea dead sonid time wben fonud. - Cotnier. "Billy" Jndson has been quoted as sayiugÉthat as soou as he is able to save $3,000 trom bis official saiary, he expects to retire to piivate life and take rest and comfort n a quiet way. If he has been correctly quoted, bis atnbition is ccrtaiuly modest and tne thonght is soggested tbat the easiest way for his pohtical enfmies to get rid of the astute William wonld be to contri bnte that 3.000 and lethim retire at once. - Dexter Leader. This city was well represented on the special excursión of the Ana Arbor road nortb yesterday. For the regular train 47 full and five half faie tickets ■were sold, of which 30 were for Frankfort. For the special train 10 tickets were sold of which seven were for Frankfort. The wellfare of the excarsionists ou the first train were looked after by chief clerk J. E. Frank, and on tbe special train by J. J. Kirby. aseistant general passenger agent. Sixteen youug men of the normal at Ypsilanti have lorrned theniselves into a tennis club and will fcold a tonrnarnent. Prizes will be given to the champion single player, and to the best doublé team. The amusiug sight of the practice is that of the yoong sou of Prof. Flops Barbonr, a 15 year old boy of very sruall sifce, holding his own with the best of tbe otbers. Young Barbonr is thought tu have an excellent chance for the first prize. R. A. Suyder liad a horse so badly out up by getticg taugled iu a barbed wire fenre Satnrday that it had to be killed. The animal was one of a spar whicb was bitched to a wagon load of wheat iu bis baru. The rerin ran away, upset rhe load of wheat and dashed into tlie barbed wire fence. The poor anitüal's nose wasalinost cut off. ïta legs were cut to the bone, and it was deerned advisable kill ic, whicb was done, - Chelsea Herald. Evarc and Kanney Scott have retnrned frura Cavanangh Lake and they do ruost solemnly swear, so help thern John Jacob Ástor, that three lone íishermen, one a Dago by the name of Fred Beisei', one an Euglishmau by the name of Ossenheirner and an Irishman bearing the cognomeo of Fred Hutzel, caaght 172 fish yesterdayat Cavanaügh Lak. The story must bp true for the Argns heard them teil it, and besides they got mad when ïntitnations were dropped by those [listening to the tale that that was a pretty good sized fish story. Dr. Thomas Hulmes returned home last evening from a lecturing and preaching tour, after being absent three months less two days. On the jonrney he traveled 3,800 miles, going east to Maine, and west to the eastern bonudary of Illinois. He lectured and preached 'i times, and made more thau 100 visits. At one time he traveled 1,200 miles within 36 honrs, without fatigue. Notwitl standing change of chmate, chauges oí diet, changes of social relations, and habits, exposnre, labor aud fatigue, he gained 15 pounds, avoirdupoise. Takiiig iuto consideration the doctor's age, 82 years, this is a remarkable record. - Chelsea Standard. From SEturday's Dailv Argus. A OOOL ROOM - Thu dining room of the American house is cooled by electric faus. THEY ARE READY - Two carloads of material for the underground work for the Bell telephone wires have arrived over the Michigan Central. WILL OPEN A SALOON- Charles Corrao recently of the Poitland Cafe, has returned from Jackson andj if, is said will open a saloon on Huron st. A FLOWING WELL- John Haselschwerdt has struck a fiowing well on his farm in Sharon at a dppth of 20 feet. The water rises a foot above the grouud. JOINED THE AKMY- Eugene Dillon, of Mooreville, has enlisted in the 80th U. S. Volunteers and goes to the Philippiues. He is the first Mooreville boy to enlist A NEW SUIT-Wiilliani Campbell, of Ypsilanti, by Darwin C. Griffln, his attorney, bas commenced suit in the circuit court against Gordon W. Begole aud Wilham S. Begole. BOUGET A NEW RIG- Emanuul Prye, a prosperous Scio farmer, was in the city yesterday. Walker & Co. sold mu a fine doublé seated surrey and Pred Buss sold him a doublé harness. HIÜKORY NUTS- -Alfred Paul was n the city laet evening. He says that :he present outlook indiottes a large erop of hickory nuts the trees being oaded. There will be many butter nuts but few walnuts. SUCCESSFUL OPERATION- Ou ?uesday afternoon at the' University hospitaJ Dr. Lynds perfornied a serious operation on Mis, John Wotzke. Her many friends wiíl be pleased to earn bat her recovery is certain. DEATH OF MRS. CORNWELL- Mrs. Auna Cormvell, wií'e of the late Williani Cornwell, died at her home. ■-2 _ ; i Chnroü et., tbïs morning at 6 o'clook, aged 76 years. The funeral will be held frotu the honse Monday ut 4 o'clook. BOÜÜHT A1ST INTEREST- Adolph Hoöstetter, wh.0 has tieen nurü now iu tne eniploy of Iiindenscuiitt & Apfel, has pim-hased an interest with Waguer & Co., aucl will be ïoand in tbeir uew place nest to the tailoring departujeut. where they will carry a line of furuishing goods. A $5 PEACHCROP- Charles Clark, the peaoh grower of Observatory st:, says he has uow decided to sall his ppuch erop for 5 and Will enter iDto boucls to this effect. He thinks fine peaches will be worth neaily $5 a ïrashel aud oue bnshel willbe abont the exteut of his erop. . HAS APPENDICITIS - Douglass Hall, son of Dr. Louis P. Hall, who lias been snmmering at Grosse Isle, wass bronght to Detroit Thursday uisht on the steamer Wyandotte snfferiug from appendicitis in'j.. au aggravated form. He is at Harper's hospital in a critical condition. NOT IN CONDITION- Capt. Granger yesterday submitted to a medical exaiuiuation by Lient. Belser, M. D., and the latter finds his condition is such that he would not be justified iu accèpting the commissiou offered iu the regular army at this time. The captain contracted malaria in Cnba. A BIRTHDAY - The meeting of the Ladies' Society of the Bethlehem chureb, at the residence of Mrs. Agnes Wahr on 8. Ashley st. , yesterday afternoou, was made the occasion of the pleasant ceiebration of Mrs. Wahr's 68th birthday anniversary. A larae number of laaies were present. An elegant snpper was served. SAT ON THE FLOOR- Adam Doll, of Whitmore Lake, was gathered in by Marshal Gerstner t) i i noon for beiug drunk on Main st. He was taken to jail where he thought he saw a chair against the wall, walked over to ït, turned aronnd and sat down on the floor. There was no chair tlwre. He ■will remain in jail over Sunday. SHORTHANDED- S. A. Moran of the Arm Arbor Register, has been engaged tto each short hand and type writiug in the high school. Asidefrom his duties on the piper, we don't see how he can leave his Jndson law snits with out any attention. Looks as tbongh he was shorthanding them. And that reminds lus that we have_pnot heard much about these snits lately. - Adrián Press. PAYING EXPERTS- Some experts iu the Aun Arbor conncil too. Xhey kaow all abont a paviug ' brick of conrse. Oan't teil 'eni a tking. Gness they kuow when they see a brick, whether she's up to standard. The contractor bad Atbens brick shipped, aud the comniittee refused to accept them, becanse they are not as good as the sample. Some people expect brick to be poiisaeci, sand papered, puintea and wrapptd in tissue paper. That contractor. can't fooi an Arm Arbor alderman. Not rnuch. - Adrián Press. ENTERED APPEARaNCE- Cavanaugh & Wederneyer, attorneys aod counselors at law, seeru to be doing business notwithstanding the dnll season. This morning they enteied appearance in four different snits as foliows: Fred H. Holmes agaiust the Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor electrioraillway; Chas. Brant againat the same defendant; National Register Co. against William Rehfuss and Abraham Wallace, and Norman Sweet against Torn Riohardsou. They also appeared in two or three cases today in the justice conrt From Mondav's Dailv Argus. BOUGHT A HOUSE- Simón J. Seeger has purchased Chas. Klaeger's honse on Hill sfc. LYRA MEETING- There will be a special bnsiness meeting of the Lyra Singing Society tonight in their parlors at 8:30 o'clock. TO RECOVER - Cavanauhg & Wedemeyer corumeuced suit in the circuit court last Saturday in behalf of Mrs. Alletta J. Stead against M. Yakley and Thoodore F. Covert. It is a case to recover. OLD STORY- Mrs. John W. Beahau was severely bnrned on her anus yesterday while fllling the reservoir on a gasoline stove. Bat tor timely assistance the hoose wonld have burned as well as Mrs. Beahan. RUNAWAY TEAM- The team of Fred Eaton, of Lenawee county, ran away Satnrday evening at the corner of State and Washington st. They wflre stopped by a boy after they had smashed the bnggy. Nobody was hort. COMVICTIONS- Prosecuting Attorney Kirk has made ready bis annual report which shows the following figures: Total number of cases, 353 ; total iiumberconvicted, 810; dismissed on esaminatioD, 16; acquitted, 7; dismissed on paymentof costs, 7; nolle prossed, 7; settled,, 7. HORSES FELL - A team of horses driven by Mr. Kallmoer who rnus a clothing store on E. Hurou st. , slipped and feil on the pavement on Main st. near the post office yesterday morning and created rnuch excitement. However no damage was done either to horses or bnggy. A BROKEN ARM - The old friemls of Mrs. Jaoob Berholzheimer, of Chicago, formerly a resideut of Ann Arbur Nvill regret to learn thut she bas brokeu her arm. She was visitiug relatives at Lawton and feil off the back steps of the house. From last reports she is restiug easily and hopes to recover the use oí' her arm. Her friends hope for her speedy recovery. DR. BALL GONE- Dr. Josepu Buil, the assistant of Dr. Copeland lelt yeüterday for Bay City vybére ho opens an : office and will clevotü Lu.:,". . i' to the. Siseases of the t:ye, ear aud throat. As bas been said iu the Daily Argus, Ur. Brtll has tnauy weil wisher who clesire fchat he have the speedy success wbioh his hard, coascieutious work deserves His fatnily will joiu him iu sis weeks. REUNIÓN- Coiapany D, 3d Michigan oavalry, will hold a renniton at W hit more Lake uext Thnrsday, Aug. , 3. ïbis compauy was composed of men wiio were reared iu the ueighborhood of Wbitmore aud Tunis Quackenbnsh was its captain. A good titue is expected at the rpnnion. Diuuor wil! be served and gond iriusic will be iu atteudance. V'. K. Ohiids uiu W. W. WedeniB.ver wil] speak. ANNUAL PICNIC- Triuity Lntberan Snnday school will hokl its auúual picuic at Whitmore Lake on Thnrsday, Ang. 3. They wil! go to the lake on the regular inoruiiig train at 9:00 o'clock and return by special train in the eveuing. The fare for the round trip is o oents. A cordial iuvitation is extended to all the merubers iud friends of the church to unito with the school iu this outing. Let everybody turn out and have a good time. Üuly 25 cents for trie round trip. QUIET WEDDING- Minnie, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weimer, No, 551 S. Fourth ave., was quietly married thi3 afternuou at 3 o'clock to Ed. J.Hewitt, sectiou boss of the Ann Arbor road at Whitmore Lake. Rev. William Jauch pastor of the Germán M. E. church, officiated. Only the imniediate family were present. Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt will receive the best wishes of their friends. They left on the even ing train for their future home at Whitmore Lake. L PROBATE COURT- Jndge of Probate Newkirk is bank from his vacation and the fish can now swim around in safety without danger of loosing their hves. Today he heard and allowed the final account of ElizaDeth Fletcher of Ypsilanti, administrator of the estáte of Azio Fletcher. The estáte valued at $3,026.30 was assigned to the widow and fonr minor children. Au order was made determiniug that James A. Jones, of Browne, Keilt county, a son, was the lawful surviving heir to his mother Sarah A. Jones, formerïy a resident of Ypsilauti. The property of the estáte consists of lot 8 by' 8, rods on Prospect st., Ypsilanti. The will of Meliscent Dexter, of Dexter, was admitted to probate and Howard Staudard aud Marj D. Jones appointed executors. A petition to determine the sanity of Joseph Kramer, of Manchester, was filed.