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Whitmore Lakt), July 31. - (Special to Daily Argns). - In nearly rfvery paper you piek up you wil! see long eulogies on some prominent uiau wJio bas "Shuffled off this mortal Coi)," but we have a live ruan in our town who is deserving ot more than passiug notice and that man in Jay G. Pray of this village. Mr. Pray flrst saw the light oí day on March 9, 1872, on the larm wnere he now lives and went to the district school until the age of 16. In 1889 he went to the ïpsilauti normal and graduaten and then took a course in the Oleary Buainess college, after whïuh he tangïit the district school here and assisted on his father's farm. His íather, Joseph Fray, died in 1896, and the management of the noroestead devolved on Jay. He bought his brother Charles lunaber yard and couceived the idea of making Whitmore .Lake boom and went to building honses for poor men on the instullruent plan and his business has grown to huge proportions he having built more dwelling houses in the past two years than were constructed in the 30 years previons. Men who had only enough money to bny a lot now own their own home whicb tney paid ior by work furnisried to Mr. Pray, and his whole attention now is attractea toward making Whitmore Lake a city and he will no doubt succeed. Mr. Pray says we need a flrst class flouring mili here and he wijl bend his energies toward Jhaving one constrncted here next season. His word is as good as any maii's bond audjhejis universally respected for his honesty, integrity and capacity and a ciuzen whom Whitmore Lake is proud of to owu. E. B. Norris, wife and family are whileing asvay the time at Shady Nook cottage, and if you can judge by appearances they are eujoying themselves. On -Farmers' Picnic day the hotels and business raen will assist in arrai.gïng boat races on the Lake among tlie sail boats row boats and two steamers aud other amusements outsi'ie of the general nroeram of other vears will be had wbich will add to the attraotion and arnusements of the people. Miss Biurn, of Toledo, is visiting her sister Mrb. Mauriee Kobins tur a week. Mrs. N. E. Gilbert and daugnter Millie, of Detroit, are spending a week with her sister Mrs. F. N. Barker. Mrs. Markey, of Ft. Wayus, Iud., wbo bas been visiting her pareu ts Mr. and Mrs. Edward Roper, for the past six weeks, returns hom0 Friday. G. Tensdel, of Green üak township, sold 300 bushels of choice app.'es froni his young orchard last year and he says pr.ospects for the erop this season is as good as last year. Frank N. Barker of Whitmore Lake, and C. E. Bnrns are ou a business trip to Frankfort. They left this morning and Mrs. Barker says it took four of them to get Frank ready and then he nearly lost the train. A rabid dog is ac large near here. On Wednesday evening he bit Chas. Hewett's dog, wnich Mr. Hewett soon dispatched and Edward Hewett, who saw the strange dog, says he is certainly mad as he snapped and frothed at the mouth. It's too bad he could not have been killed before he does any fnrther damage. Prof. L. C. Hill, of Colorado, is here visiting Prof. Frank Raue. Mr. Hill is irem the State Technical School of Mines, in Golden, Colo. He is very nmch taken up with our summer resorc and says he is sorry he could not niake arrangemeuts for a protracted stay. Mr. Hill is a gradúate of Ann Arbor and for several years lived in Detroit Friday. Charley Manly,Fred Showerman and Davie Robinson bet that one of the colored waiters, Harvey Robinson, wouldn't dare walk around Whitmore Lake af ter midnight, bus Harvey acceptea a bet of 2.50 and started off. It was stipulated that he set off four cannon fire crackers at four different points which he did and made the trip of flve miles íd 55 minutes and won the wager. The officers of the Farmers' Picnic Association as follows met at the Clif ton house parlors yesterday : President, Pbilip Duft'y ; secretary, Si Starks; Mr. Merrill, of Wesbter, Mr. Lovell, of South Lyon, and Wm, Ball, of Hamburg, and decided to hold their tri-county picnic on Aug, 26, provided the WhitmiTe Lake people would raise snfficient funds to pay expenses. Forty dollars of the amouut was subscribed by parties present and no doubt the whole amount will be raised with very little effort. John C. Rane, yonugest son of Mr. and Mrs.. W. B. Rane, left here on Í Wednesday night to accept a position in Douglas Island, Alaska, for Hamilton Sinitb to take a practical course in inining at the Tredwell mines. He will stop in San Francisco a week where he will meet twn of the j pany who hold stock in the ruines aml then proceeel to Alaska. It is only a short time ago since John wore knee pauts here but he has turued out to be :: tiiorougu bnsiuess man who attracted Mr. Hamiltou Snrith's attention who will no doubt push him to the top of the ladder as Mr. Smith is a millionairee. Prof. Frank liane, son of V. B. Rane, of this place, is home with bis wife and two children for a month's. vacation. Frank is one ot the boys who got kis early education in our little old school house and then went to Ann Arbor high school. Frorn there he went to the Ohio State University from which place tie graduated. He then took a post-gradnate corarse at Cornell University and was appointed professor in the state university at Morgantown, W. Va., and remained there three years. He then got an appointnaent in Dnrham Agricnltural College, which position he holds today with honor. We are all proud of Frank for he is a self made man, who by hi indominable energy and pluck bas set an example which it vvould be well for onr young men to follqw. A laige number of our citizens went to Island Luke to attend the Farmers.' Club picnic today.