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Facts Are Stubborn

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If Ann Arbor People are not Convincert by Local Testlmony, They Differ trom Other People. Faots nre suubborn: 8ome may be disuuted, jione can be dispaoved' ,faet is always hedged about witb flofto stand the test oí investigaron Or it drlfts to the renlm of doubt. ) 11 vestisate closels the followtug.- The closer the scrutiny the more couvincinfi theresults. "fTB . ,i An Ann Arbor citizen speaks here; gnenkq f rom experience and - ! tion: Mrs.'John Knebler, of 212liller ave.says: "I canght a severe cold ïvbich settled in my back aud kidueys and brought 011 au attack of lumbago orbackache. There was a constant heavy, dull achiug pain across ïny loin. lt was painfnl for ine to stoop or lift auything, I could not rest comfortably at night ard always feit tired and uürefreshed in the niorning. Haviug eeen Doan's Kidney Pilis advertised aud recounnetided highly I went to Fberbach & Son's drng stors and got a box. I did not takeall of them before I was cured. " _ ._ "Doan's Kidney Pillslor sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Majled by Foster-Milburn Company, Buffalo, N. Y solé agents íor the United States. Èememberthe name, Doan's, take no substitute.