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Fractured His Jaw

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Dr. H. H. Avery1 had an minsual caso of dental surgery to care for Mouday, the first of the kind he has had since he has been in Ohelsea. A young man named Wirt Barnum, of ünadilla was playing baseball Saturday evening. He hit a pitched ball wüich glanced along the bat and strook hini on thé" rigbt side of his face. It was very patatal, but two doctors who examined it cuuld find nothing wrong with it and told the yonng fellow that they guessed he had a loóse tooth and he had better go and have it out. Barnum canie over to Chelsea Monday and went to Dr. Avery's office. Hs noticed that the lower jaw was badly swollen and ou raoviug ifc with his fingers found that it was broken. Further investigation showed that the break was be.tween the wisdom tooth and first molar. It was also splintered on the opposite side just above the chin. Dr. Avery took two strips of guttapercha snch as is used in dental work and by heating them in hot water made them soft. Tnis was iutroducea into the inouth and the teech firmly clo?ed upou the cast thns made, aud his fase was bañdaged up firmly. A sphut was also pnt ón his chin. Barnum will have to we ar this abont two weeks. In the meautime he will take nourishment by saction. Dr. G. W. Palmer assisced Dr.' A ver? in the work. -