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Keno Hoppe, of Chelsea, uow in the Philippines and a brother of Dorsey Hoppe, tbe democratie candidate tor school corumissioner last spring, writea his parents as follows: "Pasig City, P. L, May 30, 1899. "Today is Decoration Day, aud I soppose the good people of Chelsea are decorating tbe oíd héroes graves. They are decorating the graves here also and it inakes a fellow feel as tbough he would like to be dead when he looks at the beautifnl flowers and wreathes. "Bnt when we read the papers from the States we find we arenot and uever cal.' bo héroes. One preacher from Missouri prayed to God tbat the whole 8th army corps woald suffer overwheltning defeat. Well, all I have to say is he will have to pray a long while for we will never let these niggers get hold of us to cut onr throats. Anotber paper states that the reason why the Washington regiment kill so many jnsurgeuts is because the regiment is composed of horse thieves and ent-throats and they never take a prisouer. The dirty cur. At Santa Anna the Washington boys took 500 prisouers. At Tagigue they also took 500, and 100 siDce, making 1,100 in all or as many as any four other regiments. I saw on the battle field of Santa Anna where men gave the last drop of water out of their canteen to wounded niggers and even now at Pasig where we have 30 prisoners to do fatigue work, Bnt wben I am in cnarge of the fatigue party I find that the old guard do most of the work while the Diggers sit in the shade. On pay day the boys gave them all the sruall change and tobáceo, also clothes, in fact they farti better than the soldiers. And then they cali us cut-throats. We took an oatli that we would fight the enemies of our country whomscever they be Perhaps these wonld be anti-expausionists will say these niggeis are not eneniies. Bat that is not for the enlisted man to decide. He ouly obeys orders as every soldier must and if some of tbose fellows thick this war is all oue-sideó, I wouJd liüe to see them in one good scrap. Daring the civil war snch fellows were called copperheads, or men - nouotmen - but things who were too big cowards to join'the array. We cali them nigger synipa tliizers. There are many men iu the Sth army corps who do not believe in holding these islauds and I am oue. But this paper talk of discouteut among the volunteers and the likelihood of a iiiutiny is falee. Althoagh all the volunteers are auxious to return home yet there isn't a regiment that isn't williug to stay to the end ii it is needed. There is more apt to be a wutiny or a rebellion wben we get back (especially the Washingtons) and get hold of some of those cnrs who cali ns cut-throats and horse thieves. "I don't believe I will oome home when I get back as the teniptations will be too great as there are plenty of horses aronnd Ohelsea. "Th'e volunteers are going home Yes, Poca Tampe, as the Filipino says. The Oregou's start about June 5, but it will be a long while before they get to the Ist Washington. Besides old Otis is toe scared ot his hide to let all the volunteers go. They are his bast fighting soldiers, althongh it would not do tor hiin to adinit it. ïhere are several boys in rny company from Michigan, aud others from Wisconsin, Ohio, Penusylvania and New York, who are going home afcer we are raustered out and we will be able togetcheaper rates if we all go together. If it is not too late wben we get back 1 thiuk I wiil come home ou a short visit, but if winter has set in I don't think I will venture farther than San Francisco. The pressure would be too great after leaving this hot hole. It would be better and safer for me to let niy blood cool off gradually. Well, I oan't thiuk of auything that will incerest yon. In fact, I don't teel very pleasaut for I have just been reading an auti-expansionist paper. I have a number oi views of battlefleld and others wbich I houe to be able to show you some day.