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Thewashtenaw County Club

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The Washtenaw Country Clnb, whose ir.corporation was chrouicled in the Argus, have adopted a constitutiou and by-lavs. The ruembership fse bas been placed at 85 witb aunual dues of $5. The families of the meinbers, excepting males over 16 years of age, will be allowed the privileges of tüe clnb upon the payment of 2 a year dues. The board of directors is having che clnb honsearranged, the building to be ready for occupaucy in two weeks. It is proposed tü put in shower baths two toilet and dressiDg rooms and lockers. The qnestion of a restaurant is being coiisidered. As the question of the rraruber of menibers is still soinewhat of au experiment thtj board will move slovvly ïu this matter. The care tho board is giving to all the arrangements presages kthat it will be one of the most pleasant social gathering placea in the county. The directors are all men recognized as gentlemen of character who will see that the high aiins of the club will be fully sustaiued.