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UK! IL & Li 3 The Leading Specialists of America U Ja 20 Years In Detroit. m 250,000 Cured. M ■ WECURESTH1CTURE1 ym Thousanda of young and middle-aged Ym J men are troubled withthis disease - many u WvJÊ unconsciously. They máy have a Tïw f ing sensation, sinall, twisting stream, Tl ■ sharp cutt ing pains at times, slight ■ Tm charge, ditlioulty in commencing, weak 3 3 organs, emissions, and all the symptoms lij I of nervous debiHty - they have I ■ TURE. Don'tletdoctorsexperimenton I IM you, by cutting, stretching, or tearing HR I a% you This willnot cure you, % Uy turn. Our NEW METHOD Uü II MENT absorba the stricture tissue; Y'M ly henee removes the etricturepermanently. 2 HH It can never return. No pain, no HB k% 'nff n0 eteQtin f rom business by our ÏJÊ m method. U I ened. The nerves are invigorated, and I ■ the bliss of manhood returns. QwecuregleetQ M'M Thousands of young and middle-aged fA LéJ men are having their sexual vigor and dm HJ vitality continually sapped by this HJ U ease. They are frequently unconscious 11 ■ of thecau8eof these eymptoms. General U ■ Weakness, Unnatural lÍ8charges, H I ing Manhood, Nervousness, Poor WÊ f3 ory, Irritahility, at times Smarting l'ú U3 sation, Sur.ken Eyes, with dark circles, IJJ W% Weak Back, General Denression, Lack Wïm [►T of Ambition, Varicocele, Shrunken [ï ■H Parta, etc. GLEET and STRICTUBE Hl I VA may be the cause. Don't consult f amijy A U3 doctors, as they have no experieuce in UJ ■ these special diseases - don't allow H I Quacks to experiment on you. Consult ■ HV öpecialists, who have made a lifestudyof f99 lE Diseasesof MenandWomen. OurNEW IaM U METUOD TREATMENT will UU FJt tively cure you. One thousand dollars B'I ITj for a oase we accept for treatment and LL3 (■■ cauuotture. Termsmoderateforacure. jÊt Lè] cures güaranteedB We treat and cure: EMISSIONS, I PI VARICOCELE, SYPHILIS, GLEET. M Lij STRICTURE, IMPOTENCY, SECRET rA f!l DRAINS. UNNATURAL Ui lA ES, KIDNEY and BLADDER Diseases. l-l M CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS LJ f7! FREE. If unable to cali, write for HH lij QUESTION BLANK for HOME KE ■ TREATMENT. EKENNEDYSKERGANn y Cor. Michigan Ave, and Shelby St. R ffl DETROIT, MICH. fj SEND ÜS ONE DOLLAR SdïïiïlS in-u 1399 pattcm hi?b-c-rade UKSEHYOlK CUAL AND HOOD COOK STOVE, by lreigütC.O.D., subject to examination. and tb c groaieát .BiS!M IBKWJMy 'B UhES ess the 61-00 jf WRITE FOR OUR BIG FREE eïtoTtW200' STOVE CATALOGUE, i idfreight charges. This stove is size No. 8, oven is OjxlSxll. top is ix23; made from best pig iron, extra: arge flues, heavy covers, heavy linings and grates,arpe oven slaelí', heavy tin-lined oven door, handsoraO: ickel-plated órname utations and trrimmings, extra arge deep, genuineStandishporeplain lined resenolr, handome lare ornameníedbase. Best coalbnrnermaöe, and e furniíh FHKE an extra wood rrate, making it a per-. OCt Trood Jíorner. TTE ISSUE A BINDING GUABAKTES witSÜ very stovg anci guarantee, oaii station. Your local dealer wouhi ctiarge you S25.00' or suoh a store, the freïg'ht is only about 81.00 for acïi 500 milos, so we &afe yiLat least Sltí.OO. Afidress, SEAR55,ROSSÜCK&CO.(IHC.)CHiCAC3,IU. (gears, fioebuck &Co. are tliorocghly reliailO.- Editor.)