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Pres. Porfirio Diaz

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There has been nnich iu the Chicago papers recently as to the prominent men wbo have been inivted and are xpected to attend a big celebration to be held soon in the Windy City. Among these 3istinguished personages ■who have been invited and are expected to honor the occasion with their presence is the president of the neighboring republic of Mexico, Gen. Porfirio Diaz. A beautifnlly bound and embossed invitation to President Diaz has been prepared and a committee of prominent Chicagoans will convey to him and add their personal invitation. Ovving to the practical certaïnty of his attendance pon the Chicago ctjlebration and his taking an extended trip throtigh the United States, Ann Arbor will make a strong "efl'crt to have him stop here as he passes throngh and pay the ■nniversity city a brief visit. To this end invitations have been sent him both by the city anthorities and the board of regents nrging hita to pay Ann Arboi the honor of a visit. President Diaz is one of the great men of the present time. He is nnqnestionably tha ablest aud most resourceful of the Mexican presidente. The only other, probably, who can be rompared with him is President Juárez, who was at the head of Mexioan affairs duriug the time of the French invasión and the empire of .Maximilhan. Even then Diaz was a prominent man in the affairs of, Mexico. He was the main stay of thé repubhcan canse dnring the latter part of that crucial period of Mexicau history ana he finally with the compact force of 5,000 men which he commanded turned the tide of invasión. He was twice captured by the French ■ut escaped and continued the flght. Liter he was a candidateagainst Joarez for the presidency but was defeated. In 187? he waseleted to the presidency and he has been president the greater Tart of the time since. The constitution has been aniended two or three time' to enable him to continue in the presidency. He is a man of iron wil! oud does not hesitate to shed blood if he deerns the occasion requires it. By his ab'ility and determination he has bronght Mexico frotn the state of ohronic revolution characteristic of the Spnuish-AroKrican republics to that of --i stable and settled governmeiifr. TJnrler bis direction Mexio has made great progress in every line. Kecently the public dabt was refunded at 5 per cent interest, an nnbeard of condition for Mexico. He is a lawyer as well as general aud he han shown hitnself a oapüble statesman. He has been in the public eye for more than ñO years and is now 69 years oíd. He bas visited this country before, haviug made an extended trip through the states in 1883. The Argus bopes those having the matter in charge may be successful in eecnring his presence in Ann Arbor. Later - The Vrgus learns that the invitatious trom the city goverument and President Angelí in behalf of the board of regents have been forwarded to Chicago and that they will be carried by "the comimttee, whiuh is to laave there on Ang. 5, to the city of Mexico and delivered to President Diaz. The occasion of the Chicago invitation is the laying of thn corner stone of the government building and the anmversary of the great Chicago fire Oct. 9. It is designated by act of the legislatnre Chicago Day.