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George Schillinger Dead

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The followiug taken froin the Adrián Telegram will be interesting to many iu Washtenaw county. George Schillinger, the deceaed, was a consin of Charles Meyers the mail carrier, the latters mother beiug a sister of Mr. Meyers' father. The deceased was also reláted to tlie Schiller, Sohlict aud Wolf families of Freedow aud Bridgewater: George Schilhnger, tha aged Geraaau gardeuer.who has lived uear the bridge ou N. Main st. , for a great mauy years, died suddeuly ou Mouday afteruoou at 4 o'clock, of heart disease, at the age of 70 yeais. Mr. Schilliuger has b8en a sufferer frotD sciatic rheurnatisrn lor several years, dnriDg which time he has used every remedy which wasbrought to his atteutiou, with no relief He with his wife had dug about five bushels of potatoes ia the foreuoon and at the dinner table he made condskrable complaint abont not feeling well and laid down for a rest, on the bed. Soon a young lad carne to help put the potatoes into the cellar and Mr. Schillinger got up aud went out onto the back porch but was unable to staud, so he seated himself on a bench near to rest, complaining that he was so tired. He did not sit there long before he put his hads to his breast aud without uttering a word feil to the grouDd like a stone, without a sigu or a struggle. His frantic wife raised him to her breast to ascertain if he was dead, bnt hfejaad left him and he was carried by a conple of passersby into the honse. Mr. Schillinger was born in Erie, Pa., and cama tp tbis city many years ago. He was a diligent, hard work ing man, wifcn a rngged, strong constitntion. He Ieaves a wife, but no ehildren. The funeral occurred at the residence Weduesday afternoon at 4 o'clock and the remaiiiK were placed in the vanlt ai Uakwood.