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July Mark Down

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I Ü Clearing Sale. This Price List the Key Note for Our July Growds. READ THE LIST AT 5 CENTS. i L 25 Pieces White India Linen at 5c a yard jp ló Pieces White Plaid Muslin at 5C a yard 50 Pieces Best Oe and 7c Priuts all 5c a yard f 10 Pieces Stripe Shirtings at 5c a yard M 500 Yards Ginghams- Closing out at 5c a yard L 50 Pieces Wide Embroideries at 5c a yard L Kubber Stockinet Dress Shields 5c a pair J Large Cotton líuck Towels 5c each L Stevens Linen Toweling 5c a yard L Check Toweling 5C a yard f Tine, Yard Wide, Bleached Cotton 5c a yard L 25 Pieces Dimities and Lawns 5C a yard L Fine, Yard Wide, Sheetinn at 5C a yard f 10 Dozen Infant's White Muslin Bounets at 5c each " Big Lot Laces at 5C a yard L 500 Yards White Curtain Muslin at 5C a yard f SUMMER SPECIALS -FACTSABOUTWASH SKIRTS C r L&&. _ A Great Sale for July. Hundreds of " rMfctSiiÜffl White Pique Linen and Crash Skirts 2 Pjy at about Half-Price. W&&T 10 Dozen Crash Skirts at 29c each. i 5 Dozen Crash Skirts with 3 rows of -fmÉ&fè White Duck around bottom, l 25 J ÍÍW quality, for 75c. X LSÍWF? 3 Dozer} White Pique Skirts, fine % rTS3Bawly quality, trinmied with insertion, $2 50 jfsWÈÊffl Quality, for $1.5O. 't! SO 10 1)ozeu White Pique Skirts, trim% 7 PWnl med witn oue row oí f ancy insertion I SÍA around bottom, doublé raised seams in 7 MiÉá It 8 Dozen Fine White Imported Pique T Jfm i Skirts, Elegautly Triramed with L broidery Insertion - a $4.00 Skirt iftÍ1 700 YardS RCl1 BlaCk CrePnS l Marketl DWn FOf ThÍS Sale" S xjjl M&' Mr 10 Dozen Blue Print Wrappers at 49c. L M L 'f Pretty Wrappers with deep flounce, vniS, trimmed with Lace made of Dimity, r M V Lawus and Percales at 98c to $1.35 I SGH AIRËRsTM! LlEfT C THE BUSY STORE. % AAA++K