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Settled Two Cases

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The Hnron Valley Building and Savings Asssociation havesettJed two cases today, which have proveu very troublesome thoms for their seeretary Attorney H. H. Herbst. The association bas arnieably settled the case against Clinton J. Snyder for 1,625. When the case was firsttried bef ure Comn,i;sioner Murray the association claimed abont $2,300. Mr. Snyder pays over the $1,625 aud gets a deed to the land. The association has also paid 162.50 to Zenns Sweet for a quit claim deed to lots 2 and 25 in the Uott adddition. These lots the old Ann Arbor Savings Association had held a $300 mortgage upon which they foreclosed bnt failed to complete the foreclosure proceediugs. Af ter the association wasmerged in the Huron Valley, the association evidently beleiving it had title to the land sold to Hamilton Reeves who in tnrn sold to Mr. Kanllsodt, who built a $700 house upon it. As he held a warranty deed, the association was compellea to rmtke good the warrantv.