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It Was A Stunner

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Mr. and Mrs. M. J .Oavanangh took upper at the Clifcon house yesterday. J. Winaus, of Adü Arbor, was ihe guest of Wm. Winans yesterday. D. F. Stnitn ísslowiy ínsproving but is not well yet by any nieans. Dr. Nichols is attending him. E. R. Thomas, sou of G. W. Thomas president of the Toledo Ice Co., is at the Lake house í'or a two weeks' rest. J. W. Henry aud wife, and Miss Gertrade Gage have just arrived froin Aun Arbor and put up at the Lake house. J. O. Oarland, of Toledo, dropped into town yesteiday to visit his family who are rusticating at his cottage here. Dr. Nichols reports Maurice F. Lautz's little boy who was lacerate.ed by a dog as doing as well aj possible. Miss Nina Simons, of Cleveland, is coufined to her bed with a severe fever. Dr. Nichols is attending her and says she is very sick. but will nuil through. J. A. MacKintosh, of Flint, is at the Clifton" house. He is in the department of science at the U. of M This is his first year and he says be wishes our lake was at Flint or Fliut at the lake. John E. Travis, wife and dauhgter, dined at tbe Clifton house yesterday. Mr. Travis is connected with the Ann Arbor Courier O. M. Van Kleek, of Ann Arbor while trolling in Whitmore Lake caught a pickerel which weighed 15á pouunds and it is a beauty. Whitmore Lake, Aug. 7. - (Special to Daily Argus. - Miss Edna McLaren, of Ann Aibor, is visiting Mrs. Geo. Rauschenberger, for 10 days, and says sbe is having a delightful time. Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. V. Wagner of Toledo, are reistered at the .Clifton house. Mr. Wagner is connected with the Toledo Blade. They have been here two weeks and have had a fine time and say they willcertaiuly be here next season. Geo. B. Evaus, v?ife añ son, of Toledo, re5isteied at the Lake house Friday ior a couple of weeks and Mr. Evaus says Wbitmore Lake is immense. Mr. Evans is in thewall paper business and reports business in his line boonding. Mrs. Irene Lyons, of Brighton, Mr. aud Mrs. Frank Raue and two children N. H. Durhatn, Mrs. Lazzenly and daugbter Elusina, of Columbus, O., are beiug entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Rane. Lake House An-iavls - Miss Eberbach, Oscar Eberbach, Louis Helber, Jas. Helber, J. M. Flynn and family, J. Granger, J. W. Henry and wife, Miss Gertrade Gage, Anu Arbor; Walemar C. Klotz, St. Catheriues, Ont. ; D. T. Wallace, wife and twodaughters, Burns Stewart, B. Wheeler and wife, Toledo; F. Berkendorfer, Ypsilanti. One hundred and eighteen sat down to diuner at the Lake nouse yesterday and wereserved from the following Wil of fare: Meats - Roast beef, roast pork, Veal stew, turkey ; salade - chow chow ; vegetables - sweetcorn, potatoes; desert - apples, pumpkin pie, buckleberry rolls, ice cream. Clifton House Arrivals - J. Steerry, Mayville, N. D. Chas. G. McDonald, Tremont, Neb. ; O. M. Harvey, Burlington, Ia. ; Harry Rosenhaupt, Spokane, Wdsh. ; Chas. E. Lauder, Burlington, Ia. ; Chas. J. Lutterell, Fort Jones, Cal. ; Miss K. Donovan, Miss E. Donovan, D. C. Donovan, John J. Burns, J. P. Deguan, Toledo; J. A. MacKiutosh, Flint; Geo. F. White, Fostoria, O. ; O. M. Van Kleek, Mrs. O. M. Van Kleek, John E. Travis, wife and daughter, Ann Arbor: R. E. Schantz, Ann Arbor. Holmes' rig, consisting of four liorses and tally ho, brougüt about 25 of the St. Andrews choir boys to the lake Saturday and you talk about lung power. They yelled more lustily tban any bsnd of Commanche Inidans that ever trod the plains, and whea they got to Widenmann's grove pandemonium was let loóse and no batch of boys ever put in tuller or better time. Come again boys and awake the dead and sleepy inbabitants if there are any asleep alter your 10 days onting is up. We note several of Ann Arbor's students in the law departmennt which shows the diversity of points from which tbe university gets its students as follows at the Clifton house: T. Steery, Mayville, N. D. ; Chas. G. McDonald, Themont, Neb. ; O. M. Harvey, Burlington, Ia. ; Harry Rosenbaupt, Spokane, Wash. ; Chas. E. Lander, Burlington, Ia. ; Chas. J. Luttrett, Fort Jones, Cal. ; Geo. F. White, Fostoira, Ohio. We present below the Clifton house bilí of tare for Sunday's dinner as follows which was partaken of by 52 guests: Meats - Roast beef with brown gravey, boiled tongue with tomato sauce, Friccassee chiokej, New Eugland biscuit, fried fish, auchovey sauce, mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes, escolloped cabbage, olives, pickles, vtatermelon, all, lemon and pnmpkin pie, New England pudding, ice cream and assorted cakes, tea, coffee, iced tea and inilk. Mrs. Cuas. L. Rane, we are pleasp.d I to note, is setting np today. She has beeu coi'fined to her bed seriously ill for the past 10 days. Dr. Smith is at teuding her. Mis. Charles Kuster aud daughter, Miss Auuie Knster, Mrs. Fied Wessiugpr aud sou, and Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Jacobs, of Arn Arbor, have beeu occupyiag the Stilsoa cottage for the past 10 dayü aud yestwday they eutertaiued Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Cole, Mr. aud Mrs. Kenbeu Armbrnster, ïred Wessiuger aud Chas. Wnster. They had a jolly time aud expeot to remaiu nntil Tuesday aud may be Jonger. We uotice D. T. Wallace, vtife and two danghters, ot Toledo, are registered at the Lake house. Mr. Wallace is of Toledo's board of trade, aud clover seed inspector and one of her stannch citizena.