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"Dimness of sight, palpitation, shortness of breatli, black spots or else shining lights before my eyes, terrible headache, niraibness in my arms ánd hands and tongue, also myjaws would get numb; constipation, prolapsus, debilitating drains, soreness through my bowels; in fact I was diseased from head to .i. foot, " writes Mrs. Mollie E. '- Carpenter, of Linaria, berland Co., Tenn. "When l'i# I first wrote to Dr. Pierce '1ÍV cerning my health, I was so - weak I could only - 9wgfK write a few words A -frl pP when I would have üfÈN. to rest. I could Jtl)V(k hardly walk. lx ) Á Words cannot exDJ }} press my sufferol-W ings. Now I can j }J do my own yilA]1 xSM'STTT ing and cooking. VVifry Vxlflif I can take a ten wjyu HryMfJ'quart pail in one íífj Vwi?lSr hand and a six fiif'IV iVviivi quart pail in the PJh? Vfir other (full of water) v?rJ f) and carry both one jk Vori fourth of a mile runf Yjl and never stop to m yM rest. I am as heavy vr VJI as I was at 19 years IVT.-. ViVj-j-n (125 Ibs). I also rvS--- I had dimness of -- sight and impaired memory. I had spells that when I would try to speak I couldn't think of the words I wanted to say, but would say something else. I have improved, oh, so much, and Dr. Pierce's medicines have done the good work. It has been about a year since I commenced to use the medicines. My health has been improving slowly but surely. We cannot expect a disease that has been coming on for years to be cured in a few days. If any lady, suffering as I have, will write to Dr. R. V. Pierce, at Buffalo, N. Y., and get his advice and use his medicines according to directions, a cure will surely result. " Most dealers in medicine sell Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. There is no other medicine that is "the same" or "just as good. " Don 't accept a substitute.