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Cutthlsad. oul ml eni tu un "itli Í1.OO, and we wütsend jou Ihl NEW tCrjStiMSSI B' lülltOVKU ACME QIKES PAKLUK OKGtN, !} 'fn-lRhtC. O. 1)., bj.-ct {a { gjgjk ' Hk examinatiOD. Y ou can examine it at yournearest freight depot, LES fllBl and if you (nd it exactly as rvprc.wnti.-d, egual to orgftns that TTLt MMÍiAáaaaaaMaHnaatWMInVaal retuil at $75.00 to 100.00, the greatest value you ever aaw and VIH ■■ far better than organs advertised by others at more money, pay JL IBh BFllaSi thefreight agent our pedal 90 days' offer prloe, S3I.75, 3UHKII Wl less the 81.00, or 0. 75, and f reight charges. A 5M KAM 1 IbVM $31.75 IS OUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS' PRICE gLïï 1 Ji JH i ed hy other. ftueh an ofTer wan ncver made before. $SS 'vL'f IH THE ACMEQUEEN isonaof themo.lDURABLKASD SWEETE8T M W.VáoMHfH TOK1) iustruments t-ier made. From tho illUKlratiun shüwn, whlch TwM ItBormJ' iseiiuraveddirectfromaphotoirraph.youcanformBomeideaofits "OH C U ■ !fiH bcautiful appearance. Made from olld quurtcr ncil -. .Jl MflUMH oali, antiquenmsh.handsomelydecoratedandornamonted, IMb - '; .V IV-jBH latent 18 tyle. TUK ACJ1K QCKES isfS feet 6 inches high, IS SSS i: melles lonn. 23 inohes wide and weighs 350pounda. M tama 5 octaves, 11 stops, as follows: DIpMn, Prlnclpnl, MÊ frT%M I1S' Dulcían, Jlolodla, Célente, Cremosa, Bui Coupler, Trefilo SM UMr l M (oiijiUr, Dlnpnsiiii and Vos Humana; 2 OctaTe CoupIerH, AÉ jfflP Iw' 1 Tune SitcII, 1 lirand Orcnn Swell, 4 Seis Urchtitral Toned 9 nWKSerHe By M Hfsdnalorr I'lpp (Hallly Keedn, 1 3et of 37 Ture Sweet Melodía VB BSESésMaVaffiBáS StH aiHaiflPKHIXll Reeds, 1 8et of3 7 !inrmlni,-ly Itrllllant Celeste Heedü, 1 Set of TJM aH HH;9aH 24 RlcliJIellow Smooth Diapasón Reedí, 1 Set of S4 Pleaslng H '.'{ ■ ■ ' r ■ S9t Softllelodloua Principal Keeda. TIIH ACMÉ Jl'EEN H8 ==i_ ƒ aH lm'"4T0ar tionconsistofthecelebratedNewellKeedB.whichareonly !■ gSg-B aWtfl used In the hijrlipst grade Instruments; fítted wíth VHmHiB mond CiiuiiIit and V'oi Humana, nlsi) best Dolge felts, aJS HlllHnjB le.ithirs,etr.,bLllowsof the best rubber cloth, 3-ply JM HUBSIlaH IhI bellows stock and flnest loather in valviíK. THE BPH SÍHi HMilBIfl ACMK QUEEN is furnished wlth & 10x11 beveled ieÍH píate French mirror, nickel platüd iedal frames, %ulU HR ■ and every rwodern improvement. We furalah free a r omr orvun Hlonl and tile behiornn Inutruetioo boob publlrthed. ■■VU GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. JVeVSn M Ismuu a written bindint; 26-ycar guarantee, bythe VTtSSTatmli lUlln tiTins and conditions of which ir any part gives ou U Ct $lAeWtffli&lw!tí3 BË we repair it (Vee otvliarjrc. Try it one month and " B'nP 'iCH STjÊÊ SI we will refuud your money if you are not perfectly - i! HCN-frl HljH wHwi satHlifd. üOOoítlieseortraiiBwill be sold al SI. J. 1; lrORsXÜr;!'S PjfidyM &&%& illlItÉlt AT CSCÏ, WIN'T IIELAY. , UlhSTPIUCTORyK BKIJÜBmT. OUR RELIABILITY IS ESTABLISHED aT ' B =! -r F nol dealt with us ask your neighbor about us, write "''líuif " Mtjjw ; the publisher of thispaperor Aíetropolitan National . „„MBank, orCorn Exchange Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Oerman Fichange Bank, New York; orany railroad urixprw company in Chicago. We haie a capital oí oer $700,000.00, oceup ne of tbe largeut busmoss "'"Cy " Chicago, and employ nearly 2,000 people in our own buildmtr. H SKLL OHUASS AT 22.00 and op; I'IANOS, 11'" nd upi also everything ín musical instrumonts at lowest wholesalo prices. Write for free Bpeoiai FB'JbSr' and musical instrument catalogue. Address, (Ber, Boeliueli Co. thorougnlr rellaole.- naiior.j SEARS.' ROEBUCK &. CO. (Inc.), Fulton, Oesplainesand Wayman Sts., CHICAGO.