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It Was All Ablaze

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The rnany frisnds of Miehael Condón, dispensing clerk of the pharmacy department, will be greatly relieved in learning thatjhis accident'this inorning was not as serions as at;flrst reported. He was engaged in weigbing out soine phosphorons. Some pieces feil onthe floor and, asjis always the case with phosphorouswhen takenj out ofthe ■water in whichitis kept, 'r ignited. Iu trying to pnt ont the fire Mr. Obndon's hands were bnDred, bnt his eyes were not touched as was reported. He was taken to the home of his brother-in-law George Hayler, where hi3 hands were dressed. The fight to put ont the fire was lively for an hour, as it is very difficnlt to extiugnish bnrmng phosphorons. Not very much damage was done to tüe building or materials. Altogether everybody can be congratulated on the ont come of the accident that it was not more serions. Mr. Condón has been dispensing clerk so long that meruory ui' man rnnneth not to the contrary. He has a wouderful memory never forgetting the name or face ot a student. Ho is deservedly popular with the stndents who appreciate his nnvaring good nature; and the immense fund of valuable information that he always is ready to give for any one's Denefit. Everybody wili Da glad to see "Mike" out agaiu af ter his narrow escape.