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Absent Nearly A Year

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The gnardian of Otto Dieterle was in the probate office today to get soiue informatiou as to what disposition is to be made of an inheritance belouging to Dieterle. Otto Dieterle was a nephew of the ]ate John Dieterle, of, Freeaom, where be was raised, and at the death of bis nncla he inheritsd $500, which he was to gefc when ha becamegOf age.His 21st birthday was this spirng but Otto's whereabouts is uijknown. For the last few years ht was working in Milwankee whete his mother, Mrs. Scheer, resides and last fall he eft presnmably for Ann Arbor. However, nothing has been seen or aeard of him and the 500 is ready for iira whenever he asks for it. It is thonght that he may have enhsted in the United States army, but it is strange that be has not written, or perhaps he died as an tmkown on the field of