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Macarthur Learns Of A Plot

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Manila, Aug. 10. - It is reported that two special conirnissioners, named Cuerbo and Copriles, are on their way from Spain to negotiate with Aguinaldo. This persistence in demanding a money sansom for prisoners, taken in conjunction with the massacre plot discovered by General MacArthur at San Fernando, gives ampie proof, if any were still needed, of the falsity of Aguinaldo's pretenses of conducting the war on civilized modern prinicples. Several days ago General MacArthur learned from unquestioned sources of a plot for a native uprising, which included the massacre of General MacArthur nod the whole garrison of the city of San eFrnando, which city the United States troops have occupied sice its capture several months ago. Söon after the discovery of the plot a number of natives who said they ■ were Macabebes, the ancient enemies of the Tagalos, sent deputations to General MacArthur, professing ardent friendship for the United States and begging that they be given arms with which to fight the rebels. General MacArthur, knowing the conspiracy, instead o fmeeting the wishes of the deputation, gave orders for their immediate banishmentfrom the city. Notwithstanding the protestations of their good intentions the rebel sympathizers, for such they were, were forced to gather their women and chüdren together and leave the city. General MacArthur has also, as a measure of precaution, expelled every native who does not own property. There have ben so many cases of treachery on the part of the so-called "amigos" that these drastic measures have become necessary, and it is believed that the lesson will prove salutary. There has been a strong suspicion that for some time past insurgents wer eactively plotting to start riots. They were also engaged in smuggling arms for the use of th eenemy. Their headquarters were located in a cigar factory in Binondo. A company of the Sixth infantry, under command of Captain Ames, raided the factory and captured forty-three rebels, including a number of officers belonging to the Filipino army.