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ARK INVITED- Rev. W. L. Tedrow will speak at the Y. M. C. A. rooms next Sunday atternoon at 2 :4o o'clock. All men are cordially invited to hear hita. COMPILED LAWS- Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the oompiled laws of Michigan are expected to be on hand for distribution to those entitled to receive them by the county clerk the last of this wenk or the first of next. PUT OVEE - The following cases were called in Justice Duffy's court today and put over one month. People vs. Binder & Kearns ; People vs. McOaffrey, and the People vs. Keagan and Rahr. SUNDAY BURGLARY- The grocery store of Arthur R. Hagen, 220 Depot st. , was burglaried Sunday moruing and a quantity of cigara taken. Entrance was effected through a back window. The money drawer was pulled out, but no cash was taken. MEN WANTED- Arthur J. Sweei returned from New Baltimore last night and he reports that there is an opportunity for men who waut labor to flud it with Ed. Groves, the engineer of the work on the extensión of the Detroit and Mt. Olemeus rapid railway to Marine City - wages1.25 to $1.50 per day. PUNISHED HIM - Depnty Sheriff Marvin A. Davnport swora out a warrant this afternoon for the arrest. of ïilla M. Rubinson. It seems that Deputy Davenport went to the Robinson residence near Hanuover square to serve a leagl paper when it is alleged he was set upon by the said Ella Robmson and asaulted and battered without reference to the Marquis of Queensbury rules. At any rate a warrant is put for her arrest and the end is not yet. . FINE TROUT- A party of jolly fishermen, consisting of D. A Tinker and son Albert, of Ann Arbor, aud Mr. Wilson, of Detroit, went on a fishing expidition up Maple river on Saturday and returned with 65 speckled trout, each and everyone of whioh was well above the average weight. Mr. Tinker says this was nis first experience at trout fishing and the Resorter hopes that he will not improve very much, also that genius of fish knowni as "salvelinus foutinalis" may become extinct in Michigan rivers. - Bay View ; Resorter. HAIDLE-HICKS- Dr. Allison W. Haidle, of Negauue, Wis., and Maud the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hicks. No. 714 S. State st. were quietly married this morning at the residence of the bride's parents, Rev. Henry P. Horton officiating. Only the imniedl ate family were present. The couple left for Detroit where they took the boat for their future home. Dr. Haidle was formerlyDr. N. S. Hoff's assistant. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Haidle wish theui much joy and happiness. ATTAOHED REAL ESTÁTE- A snit was beguu today by attachinnt by W. H. Butler as agent for Henry Leh, Hoiatio B. Koch, George H. Leh and John Leh, co-paitners doing business as H. Leh &Co., against Alonzo M. Doty and George Feiner co-partners. The property attached is doscribed as lot number four, in block number two, noith of range uuruber 10 east, in the eastern addition to the city of Anu Arbor. Peter J. Lnhman and George J. Mann appraised the property at $4,000. The plaintiff 's claim $240 as the amount of the indebtedness. From Wednesday's Daily Argus. NO MEETING- There will be no Sunday meetings at the Y. W. C. A. during August. WORK PROGRESSING- The walls for the new gas plant are up to the gables. It will be several weeks bofore the roof will be put on. The excavation for the gas holder has been compieted. HELD IT TEN YEARS- At the recent meeting of the Grand Lodge, D. O. H., in Lausing, Eugene Oesterlin, of this city, was re-elected grand treasurer. Mr. Oesturlin has held the office for 10 years. GREAT DEM AND- The Michigan Manufacturing Co., of Ypsiliinti, terdny shipped flve of Sweet'e track drill machines to California. This is the machiue invented by Arthur J. Sweet, of tuis city, APPOINTED GUARDIAN - Mrs. Rebecca Tomlison, of Chelsea, was appointed guardián for Charles ï. Tomlisou, insane. This is oue of tbe cases which shows the good done by the Maccabees. She will draw 8200 a year while her basband is insane until his whole insurance of $2,000 isexhausted. LIVELY RUNAWAY - A bont 1 o'clock yesterday the team of A. F. Vau Atta. of Salem, becanie frighteued whila in front of AlUneiidinger & Schneider's mili. They rari np First st. and turijed on Miller ave., going to Main. They were stopped before any damage was done. William Mclntyre narrowly escaped colliding with t'hem. WANTS A DIVORCE- Herman N. Dreyer, oí' Ann Arbor, by his eolicitor, D. üramer, has filed a bilí for divorce from his wife Ann L., on the grounds of extreme ornelty. He alleges that they were married on the second Sunday of June, 1895, Rev. Mr. Coburn, of the M. E. church, officiating. The defendant's malden name is Anna L. Brown. The conple have two children aged three and two years old. PLEADS NOT GÜILTY- Miss Ella M. Robinson appeared before Jnstice Doty this afternoon and plead not guilty to the charge of assanlt and battery prefered by Depnty Marvin A. Davenport. Sheriff Gillen called this morning with the warrant sworn out by Davenport. He aid not see the woman wanted but she promised to put in an appearance this afternoon, wmcb she did. The case was set for a hearing next Tnesday. AN UNFOUDED REPORT- Miss Mary Lee, of Dexter, daughter of Dr. Lee, who was reported músing was at the American house tnis morning. Miss Lee was very indignant at the re)orts that her lather was missing. She says he -wnit to Toronto to settle up the estáte of a brother who diea in Australia. The family were informed when he left and hear from him daily. Miss Lee rannot understand how the report could have started. INTEREST INCREASING- The merchants of Ann Arbor, are displayng more than usual intererst in the coming Washteuaw Fair. Nearly all the space has already been allotted in the main hall. The school exhibits vill have to be placed elsewhere as also the art exhibits. This will leave only a small space not as yet taken. Merchants who have not yet secured space, be they iocated in this city or n the county, who want space, shonld not delay in comttinnicating with A. C. Schumacher, who is the chairman of the corumittee. ARE MARRIED- Gottfried Maedel, a photographer of Saginaw, and Miss Emily Sanzi, of S. Fifth ave., were quietly married at the bride's home last Saturday afternoon, Rev. Nicklas officiating. Arthur Maedel, of Detroit, Geo. Sanzi and the Misses Mary and Clara Sanzi, of this city were the attendants. After an elegant wedding dinner Mr. and Mrs. Maedel left for their future home, Saginaw, Both young people are well acquainted here. Mr. Maedel was for some time employed at Berryman's studio and Miss Sanzi has been an active member of the Young People's Society of Zion's Lutheran church and also a Sunday school teacher. Their many friends extend best wishes. THE FARMERS' PICNIC- The annual farmers' picnic of Washtenaw, Livingston, Oakland and Lenawee counties, will be held Saturday, Aug. 26. The president of' the association, Philip Duffy, is working hard with the other directora in trying to make it even a greater success than in former years. The aunounced speakers of the day will be George B. Horton, of Lenawee county, master of the state grange, ex-County School Commissioners M. J. Cavanaugh and W. W. Wedemeyer, of Ann Arbor. There will be other speakers. Among the special attractions will be bicycle and steam boat races. The usual reduced rates on the railroads have been seuured. The evening connections with the Grand Trunk road will be better than in former years. Everybody is invited to come out and have a good time. From Thursday's Daily Argus. AN EXCURSIÓN - The Germán Bethiehein church will rnn an excursión to Port Huron, via Detroit, ThnrsSay, Ang. 17. The f are f or the round trip is 11.35. MINERAL WATER- The break in the pips in the Ypsilanti sanitarium mineral well has been repaired and a full supply of mineral water is available. It does not give forth any sweeter odor than before. YPSILANTI OOMPAN Y- The Ypsilanti corupany of the Michigan Natioual Guards, reorganized last evening, having secured more than the 48 naraes necessary. They will elect officers Aug. 16, it' they öon't flnd snch elsction unnecessary at that time. THREE GRADUATES- Three university graduates received appointraents in the Central high school in Detroit yesterday. They were Miss Mary Anderson, English and history; Frederick C. Irwiu, cheimstry; Miss E. Jane Austin, algebra. STATER OROP ESTÍMATE- The state erop report for August estimates the yield of wkeat in the state at]18,000,000 bushels, the yield in the central and southern States being estimated at seven bushels to tne acre. The estimated yield of oats ia 85 busüels to the acre. There is a large beau erop. Hay averaged this year 1.14 tous to the acre. Very few counties will produce any peaches this year. LARGE LAND OWNER- C. F. Staebler, of Fosters, clerk of Ann bor town, was in the city yesterday to arrange the day on which he will pay for woodcliuck scalps. He says he bas receutly heard froin his brother O. F. Staebler, of Ironwood, wbo reporter] business very good. Mr. Staebler, 13 years ago, when ouly 19 years oí age, went up into thac country. He went into the lamber business and now owns 2,700 acres of land. He fnrnishes all the mines in his vicinity with their necessary cord wood. He has mnch faith in the future agrieultural prospects of his oounty. Much of his land is a black muck on which he can raiso the flnest of pocatoes, oats and hay. GOLDEN WEDDING- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reader, of Ypsilanti. have just celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with 80 relatives and friends Thirty-live roembers of the family were present, those from ontsiue being Jos. Reader and family, of Detroit; E. Reader and wife, of the Wilbur-Kirwin Opera Uo. ; Thos. Reader and family and Mrs. Kendall, of Ann Arbor; Mrs. Cornwell, of Jackson. Among the presents, which were aumeious and ricu, was 60 in gold. Frank Joslyn, of Ypsilauti, made the presentation speech. This aged couple carne from Warwickshire, Eng., May IS, 1863. twelve years later they settled in Ypsilanti, where they have since resided. They are the parents of 10 children, all of whom are living.