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It Is Nearly Completed

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Saline, Mich., Aug. 10. - (Special to Daily Argus. ) - Edward Berdan, of Chicago, is spending his vacation witb his mother. Dry weather. Trips to the lakes are in order. Wool bnyers are plentifnl these days. The hotels of this place are doiug a rushing business. Charles Carven's new house is rapidly neariag completiou. Leonard Bassett's new house is about ready for occivpancy. r Dr. Sheeder aud family are expected home from Spnngfield, O., about the lOth. Mrs. Toros has gone to Chicago to joiu her husband v?ho preceded her by six weeks. Geo. J. Nissly has riearly completed one house aud is starting another on the old school property. A saloon wi'll shortly be opened in the Fred Binder store on Chicago st. George Doelker will be in charge. The funeral of the late Mies Fanny Rash occurred Sunday. She had been sick for some tiine. Interment at Dixboro. Work on the Pittsfield-Lodi drain ís being rapidly pnshed forward. A large gang of teams and men are at ■work. E. A. Hanser has sold 85,000 pouuds of wool to Philadelphia parties at a good hgnre. It is now being packed for shipment. The success of the promoters of rnral dehvery at Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor haa spurred on the promoters of the route from here tnrongh the county south and southwest of town. The wire gang on the electric line have the feed and trolley wires strung to the last village limits. A ï is being put in at the junction of Chicago st. and Monroe st. Rails are beginning to arrive and soon the track will be laid. Grading for the bridge over the Ann Arbor track is about done, and track is being laid to the east approach of the bridge so that material may be laid where waiited