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Four Tires Set For $1.00

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Hip; I ras -- : ■ z:=flZi - r m pj$ The above is a picture of the new Tire Setting Machine in the Ferguson carriage 5 'Jfefö factory. It sets the tire whüe you wait wïh'Ut either heating or dampening it. It is T ttá claimed also, that it does the work more satisfactorly than the old process. SwS KÍ3 To reset a Tire by the old process the operations are: Remove tire bolts, remove SS jífg tire, traverse wheel, traverse tire, upset tire, traverse tire, heat tire,apply tire to wheel, reivk pyw bore bolt Hole, apply bolts, cut-off bolts, paint. rxajj tAf Better results can be produced by this machine in an operation requiring less than ten U)é& iS minutes time than can be obtained from the above twelve operations. UftËa fSS Capacity: The machine wil! upset a i % inch by % inch steel tire or a 2 inch by U KfíS Jg iron tire or anything smaller and will take in a wheel of anv diameter from zo inches to 60 5%tt5 JJJ inches. ' " Wft The change in adjustmsnt for wheels of different diameters is easily made in two if ZjX minutes. UÜfcZi 'hzfö A set of wheels can be taken from the vehicle, the tires reset and the wheels put 52 itó back in place in less than thirty minutes. fSicS ?3 TirEs can be set on 600 to 800 new wheels per day by the power machine, requiring O93 S not t0 exceed 3 horse power to opérate. ' riH ièfu - c? I Ferguson Buggy Company NEW STATE PHONE. 5gg DETROIT STREET, ANN ARBOR. S39S