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She was a portly lady with a lot of bundies, and it may be noted at this point that it is almost always the case that the larger a lady is the larger and more numerous are the bundies she carries, and when she entered the railroad station she was puffing so that a drowsy man in the front seat jumped up suddenly, thinking it was the engine of the train he was waiting for. She approached the ticket window, and there she put her bundies in all the available space. They were nice, new store bundies, however, and no objection was made. "Is the train for Jungleville gone yet?'' she inquired. "No, ma'am," responded the clerk. 'How f ar is it there?" "About 70 miles, I guess, ma'am," for he was new to that place and was not thorougnly conversant with details. "What's the price of a ticket V" "One ninety-elght, ma'am." "One ninety-elght?" she repeated. "How does that happen?" "I don't know. ma'am," he replied as he eyed lier bundies. "1 guess it must be marked down from .$2." -