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I Ypsilanti, Mioh., Ang. 4. - ïhe last meeting of the state board of eda catión has just pnt anotber weapon iu the hands of the political enemies ot the meaibers. A ctifc of froru 5 to 10 per cent was made in the salaries of the teachers engaged in the summer school, and entire credence is giveu to the report that it was for the pui-pose of saving inoney to assist in paying Dr. Boone the $2,000 which it is allegsd he is to receive for having resignêd the presidency without raaking trouble. The board conld not with any great grace come before the state legislature and ask for a special appropriatiou to enable them to carry out political moves, and they have determined to save the necessary amount by "economy" in the management of the school for a few months. 'Che instrnctors who are engaged in the summer work are indignaut at the rednction in their salaries,as they say they were told that they should receive compeusation at the regular rate. It is said that at this same meeting of the board, although the members cieny the same, that it was drcided to tender the position of superintendent of normal schools in the state to Superintendent L. C. Jones, of the Cleveland public schools. Mr. Jones is conceded to be the strongest man whose name has yet been connected with the position, but the feeling is still entertained among the normal professors that the board is not doing justice to the iniportance of the new superintendentes work in its prppoutjdetermination of the qualifications to bejpossessed by him. - Detroit Tribune. The Argns {is not able to vouch for the truthof this except that part relatiug to the payment of $2,000 to Dr. Boone, that being the coudition ou which he passecl in his resignation. Nevertheless it has no reason to doubt the correctness of the report, ihe points alleged being a fair sample of the piuhead wisdom which is now directing normal school matters. It is íd keepiug with the appoiutment of a stenographer at the Mt. Pleasant Normal with a salary of $40 per montn, while the stenographer at the Ypsiianti college, with many times as much work to do only receivus $30. It is alleged, however, that the Mt. Pleasant stenogi-apher is a sister-in-law of the Hou. Jasoii B. Hammond, secretary of the board. If this be true, and it seems to be well autbenticated, the reai=ons for this difference of salary aro apparent. It is also alleged that a man by the uame of Hammond has been made janitor oí the normal school at Mt. .Pleasant. It has likewise been claimed to the Argus that he is a brother of the superintendent of public iustruction It these things be true as claimed by the Argus informant they show tha there is at least onememberof the state board of education wbo is a believer in and a follower of the example of for roer president of the United States.