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IT WAS NOT ANTHRAX MANCHESTER HEEP DID NOT HAVE THAT DREAD DISEASE, The Greatest Scourge Which Could Come to Michigan Sheep - The Sheep Could Have Been Cured. George W. Duuphy, of tuincy, Mich. , state veterinarian, wa8 the gnest over night of Dr. J. A. Dell, of W. Anu st. In speaking of the case of reported anthrax, on the farin of Williatn Küshton, ot Manchester tovvuship, Dr. Dunphy aaid tbere had not beeu a case of anthrax in the state. Anthras consists of a wire like worm two to three inches long when developed, which kills sheen within two or three aours after the sheep apppar to be at;acked. It is nevera Hugering disease, ís was the case of Mr, Rushton's sheep. Dr. Dunphy after exarnining the sheep it Mr. Rasbton's farm, made a post mortern, and discovered that the sheep , had died of small intestinal worms, whioh conld have beeu cured if taken in time. Sixteen sheep had died beEore the doctor arrived. He advised Mr. Rushton to give theiu turpentine and uil. In doingthis two lainbs were nrangled, ana a day or two later a ewe and lamb died. inaking a total of 20 sheep. Since then the balance of the flock seem to have recovered. The anthrax commeuces by the baccili germinating and death ensnes very quickly. Tha doctor intimates that either those who prononnced the disease anthrax did not know or gave their opinión for the pnrpose of acqniring a repntation for knowledge whioh they did not possess. The doctor gave the Manchester Enterpise the following letter: "Editor Enterprise :- Having noticed an árdele in your paper stating that a highly coutagious disease kuown as anthrax had appeared iu the flock of sheep belonging to Mr. Wm. Rushtou, of Manchester township, I vrish to correct thia stateinenr, as no such diseasse exists in the flock, nor any disease sliowing any ruarked sypmtoms or post inorteui appearance of authrax, and the farmers of this conimnunity have no reasou to fear tlie disease of this flock, as it is uot of a contagions character. 1 exarnined the flock and held a pest mortem exaiainauon on au animal that died Monday nioruiiig, and there is no indication of auytlnng reserubling anthras. "GEÜ. W. DUNPHY, "State Veteriuarian." Dr. Dunphy is a weli posted man in his professiun aud a recognized authority What he says carries weight. His opinión will therefore be a relief to the sneep growers in the connty. CHRISTAIN SCIENCE. AN ANONYMOUS LETTER TO JUDGE NEWKIRK. Tells How the Insane Can be Cured So That There W!ll be no Need of Asylums. Judge of Probate Newkirkhas at last been advised as to a way iu whioh to dispose of the over-plus of insane patiënte. If the advise was good it ■wonld be a great relief to tbe county. He has receivecl an anouymous pletter in which his atteutiou is called to a Christian Scieuce healer who was ready to take care of and heal all who were snfftriug rueutally. The jndge .was also asked to read a long Christiau Science lectnre He was assurecl that if he sent the couuty iusane toa healer, they would all recover.