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Dr. George W. Dunphy, state veterinarian, Dr. J. A. Dell and Dr. H. H. Waite, of the hygienic laboratory of the tmiversity, on Satnrdray visitetl the farm of Williain Rushton, in Manchester township, where the cases of anthrax vvere reportetd among the sheep. Since the last visit of Dr. Dunphy no sheep had died, and there was only one sick. This aniaml they killed and held a post mortero. They ïound inntestinal worrus and numbers of nodnles, which will probably develop into worms. Dr. Waite took a nuruber of growths which he will proceed to develop. Dr. Dunphy has not changed opinión in decalnng that there weie no cases of anthrax atnong Mr. Rnshtou's sheep. Authrax is a gangrene of the cellulár tissue, and very fatal, wihtin a few honrs to sheep attacked. In all of the post morterus intestinal parasites were found.