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A Meeting Of School Officers

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W. N. Lister, commissioner of' schools, bas arranged for a school officers' meeting to be held Wecmesday, Ang. '', at 10 o'ulock at the conrt house in Ann Arbor. Under the nresent school system the official acts of the district board in a large degree determine the condnct of the district school aud provide for their roantenaces and management. In Mr. Lister's_circular he says: -lí'tK''! 'The work of district school officers is more freqnently hampered by lack of positive knowledge of the best of procedure than by carelessness or indifference. We all want good schools. Yon aud I have a joint responsibility in their management." The topics suggested are : Hiriug teacters, the term scbednle, lengthifof school year, school fnnds - collection and disborsement, adoption of conrss of study, the ninth grade in the district school, school apparatus, arrangement of school room, irregular attendance, ■what to do with incompetent teachers, necessity of proper sealing, lighting and ventilation, construction and care of out buildings, text books. If the proper interest which the meeting deserves, can be developed, its good effects will soon be noticable. No school officer can aft' ord te be ab sent.